TYGA’s Turmoil

TYGA is now in the middle of some serious allegations.  Mia Isabella a well-known transgender model has confirmed that TYGA cheated on his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna and current girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Apparently TYGA and Isabella have had a few passionate encounters during TYGAs other relationships. Although TYGA has continuously denied having relationship with the underage girl there has been a lot of speculation on their close friendship.

Upon hearing allegations the rapper tweeted ‘the devil is working hard today lol.’ Jenner has not focused on this allegation at all and is just focusing on her new Pac Line clothing line that is coming out.

Caitlyn Jenner is opposed to the young couple increasing the intensity of their relationship it seems as of late TYGA public stories seem to include a transgender individual.

If the rapper releases a song about this public story I imagine it would get a lot of listeners as this is reasonably huge news.

To make matters worse apparently TYGA has been sending dick pics to Mia Isabella I imagine something she could quite easily prove.

There are pictures of TYGA’s supposed dick all over google now but it doesn’t have to be his it could be anyone’s. If it is his, two things can be of certain TYGA was circumcised and his dick is a lot bigger than you think from looking at him.

Written by CelebMix