Tyrus Wong, the “Bambi” artist, dies at the age of 106

If one has to describe 2016 in one word, we would say “morbid”. It’s been six days since Christmas and within these six days, we have heard of so many celebrity deaths.

Today is no different. Today, Tyrus Wong, the artist whose paintings served as an inspiration for Disney’s animation classic “Bambi”, passed away. He was 106.

Bambi is an animation movie that talks about the story of a young fawn who is to be the next Great Prince of the Forest like his father. Over the course of the movie, Bambi learns about friendship, love, and compassion towards his friends and family.

Reported by Variety, the news made it into Twitter moments. Indeed, one of the saddest moments of 2016!

The announcement of the artist’s death was made on his Facebook page,

“With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Tyrus Wong,” the post read. “Tyrus died peacefully at his home surrounded by his loving daughters Kim, Kay, and Tai-Ling. He was 106 years old.”

In case you don’t know who Tyrus Wong was, Wong was born in China but the artist immigrated to Bay Area at the age of 9.

He is well-known as the artist whose paintings impressed Walt Disney so much that he used it for his 1942 animation classic “Bambi”. Tyrus Wong also contributed to other movies like “Rebel Without a Cause, “The Green Berets,” and “The Wild Bunch.”

This year, Wong was awarded a lifetime achievement award. A documentary about his life directed by Pam Tom was screened at Asian Film Festival.

Rest In Peace Tyrus Wong. You will be missed.

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