The Ultimate Guide For Sounds Live Feels Live Tour!

Attending a Sounds Live Feels Live show? Then this guide is for you!

Haven’t attended a 5SOS show before? Or getting ready to attend one? Don’t fret, we got you covered! From lining up for soundcheck to rocking out to the boys’ tunes, this is the ultimate guide for attending a 5SOS concert!

First time going to soundcheck? Don’t feel left out! Check out some very (trust us it is) helpful tips to get you through the first half of your concert day.

Didn’t have a chance to grab soundcheck passes? Well, knowing it’s 5SOS, the show will surely be intimate as well! But, of course, you might wanna be prepared to belt out lyrics and have the night of your life. Here’s what you need to bring and always remember to keep you in shape for the one enjoyable evening.

One important thing besides all these tips, is that YOU SHOULD ENJOY AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!!!

5SOS is a band known for the love they give to their fans, so we’re sure that the evening would be magical and special to everyone who are present.

Which show are you attending? Tweets us @CelebMix or comment down below and we might be able to meet some of you there!

Written by CelebMix