Una Healy ‘The Waiting Game’ Album Review

Una Healy – former member of The Saturdays – has released her debut album, titled ‘The Waiting Game.’

The album has already charted on the iTunes charts, demonstrating how excited fans have been to hear Una’s solo material. The album takes a very different sound from what Una had previously been involved in with other band members Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie and Vanessa – ‘The Waiting Game’ is a very country album, with hints of pop in some of the songs.

Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed ‘The Waiting Game.’ Check out our review!

1. ‘Battlelines’

This is the perfect song to start off the album and immediately introduces you to the different sound and musical direction Una has embarked on. ‘Battlelines’ is also a very catchy song and it will leave you wanting to sing along when it reaches the chorus. On the whole, ‘Battlelines’ is a very fun and upbeat track.

2. ‘The Waiting Game’

The second track on the album is almost another taster of what is to come on her debut album, using another track as an introduction to her sound. There is no doubt that this is a feel-good song, a song that makes you want to get up and dance, and it is a song that will be good to hear live.

3. ‘Stay My Love’

Some fans were familiar with ‘Stay My Love’ before the album was released as Una had released this song as a single. The song features Sam Palladio. This is the only duet on the album, and both Una’s and Sam’s voices fit the track perfectly, with the two voices being well suited to each other. You can watch the video for ‘Stay My Love’ (featuring Sam Palladio) below:

4. ‘All You Ever Need Is Love’

This song doesn’t adopt as much as a country vibe compared to other songs on the album. ‘All You Ever Need Is Love’ is a song about the appreciation of the little things a person does to show they care for you and love you. With lyrics such as ‘all you need is someone to hold you tight when the storm rages in the night,’ this is a very lyrically powerful track from the album.

5. ‘S.O.S.’

This is probably one of the catchiest songs on the album, and we guarantee you will be singing along with the chorus for weeks to come after hearing this song! ‘S.O.S’ is another song that will be good to hear Una perform live, and we could see this being a single from Una’s album!

6. ‘Please Don’t Tell Me’ 

‘Please Don’t Tell Me’ really shows off Una’s vocals and is another emotional song from the album. There is almost a sense of vulnerability and rawness in the song, and has a sense of heart break in the song. Una’s passion and feelings are clearly conveyed in the song, and this will be beautiful when it is performed live.

7. ‘Staring At The Moon’

While having a country vibe right from the first beat of the song, the song is quite emotional and was written with her daughter Aoife Belle in mind, reminding her that she is always with her, wherever she is in the world. The song includes emotional lyrics such as ‘I’m going to be home soon, so keep staring at the moon.’

8. ‘Alarm Bells’

Upon first listen to the song, there were hints of some Saturdays vibes! This is one of the most pop songs on the album, and it isn’t like the rest of the album, which adopts a very country vibe. There is, however, a country vibe in the chorus of the song. The song has a good beat and is the type of song that you want to get up and dance along to.

9. ‘Craving You’

This is one of the slower songs on the album, and is also one of the most emotional songs. The song is about a strong attachment to a person and not being able to detach from a person. As the name of the song suggests, it refers to craving a person’s presence and missing them when they aren’t around.

10. ‘Out The Door’

The chorus of this track sounds completely different to the start of the song. After the first chorus, the song adopts more of a pop vibe, however throughout the song, there are still hints of country, Una’s roots.

11. ‘Grow Up Not Old’

This song has a good and catchy beat to the song, and talks experiences and meeting someone several years ago. The lyrics are an encouragement to stay the same and not change, regardless of what is going on; ‘why should we stop being ourselves?’ This is a very romantic song, and talks about spending as much time as possible with the person you love.

12. ‘Angel Like You’

This song was used in the film ‘Mum’s List,’ a movie about a mother who is dying and has to leave responsibility to the father, passing on lessons she has learned in her life time to her husband and sons. This is another emotional song, with very powerful lyrics. No doubt this song has helped many who have lost someone in helping them to deal with the grief and pain they are experiencing and going through.

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Written by Rachel Dempster