Updates On Spider-Man Reboot

The upcoming Spider-Man reboot is making headlines daily. Primarily because Marvel/Disney are being so super secretive about all of their upcoming films. (I mean, let’s talk about how the world knows close to nothing on the new Star Wars film.) We do not even have a title yet for Spidey! Marvel is so secretive that Spider-Man/Peter Parker actor, Tom Holland, found out he got the role by an Instagram post. How much more 2015 can you get?! Holland claims he was scrolling through Instagram (as most do) and saw himself on the official Marvel page announcing he got the role, only later did he get an official phone call.

Here is what the media has gathered so far:
*Peter Parker will be 15 years old
*Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May are involved but Uncle Ben will not (R.I.P)
*Henceforth, this will not be an origin story
*The comics the film will be based on is “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane” and “Ultimate Spider-Man”
*Spider-Man will be featured in Captain America: Civil War but we are unsure of his costuming (Iron Spider, anyone?)
*The movie is said to be like a John Hughes film (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
*Actor Tom Holland is a massive fan and has dressed up as Spidey multiple times before for parties etc and stalk his Instagram page to see his acrobatic skills (if you actually need a reason)

Just discovered yesterday, Tom Holland was on the set of the upcoming Doctor Strange film! Direct from Marvel’s co-president Louis D’Esposito’s Twitter page “Me, @TomHolland1996 and @scottderrickson on the set of #doctorstrange” Along with this lovely photo:

Updates On Spider-Man Reboot 1

Doctor Strange is filming in London though both Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are both based in New York City. The two have appeared together in comics and television. It is speculation that Spider-Man could just be making a cameo and not have a major role (Remember Captain America in Thor: The Dark World?). Actor Tom Holland is also from London, so who knows he could have just stopped by to say “Hi”.

Now for the dates where we can actually find out everything we NEED to know:
Captain America: Civil War– May 6, 2016
Doctor Strange– November 4, 2016
Untitled Spider-Man Reboot- July 28, 2017

Written by CelebMix