Upscale Womens Fashion Label Shop Thobias Coming Later This Year

Fashion is much more than just the clothing you wear each day. With its ability to transform us and send a message to others, clothing is now an essential form of self expression. Perfecting one’s style has very much become a part of one’s individual brand. With the retail industry becoming increasingly overwhelmed with cheap, fast fashion, it can be a challenge to find a brand that’s clothing is both high-quality and stylish. That’s where new fashion label Thobias enters the picture. 

Kevin Thobias is a bright new e-commerce entrepreneur that is known for several successful businesses as well as his recent accomplishment of growing $2 million worth of Tesla stock into $12 million. His latest endeavor, his namesake brand Thobias, is a fashion label that has been created with a woman’s unique style in mind. 

Low-priced clothing currently comes at a high cost regarding quality. Many stylish and seemingly financially successful brands are lacking in terms of quality. Their clothing may look good for a photo, but will not last past the first few wears or washes. Thobias believes that women shouldn’t have to compromise value, so he created a brand that reflects just that. With European-inspired designs at a cost efficient price-point, Thobias is expected to be a top player in the women’s fashion industry. 

Many brands repeat designs and often copy one another. Thobias is set to reinvent the concept of online retail with authentic pieces. While many clothing brands outsource to countries like China, Thobias will be working on the home front. Designed in London and produced in LA, the brand will look to attract a prosperous customer base who define their style with taste and quality in mind. Thobias will also specialize in a line of iconic dresses for many occasions including cocktail parties, special events, or simply going out with friends.

Thobias is set to be launched in May of this year, just as the world begins to rebound from the pandemic. Thobias will appeal to the modern, stylish woman at an appealing price point. 

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Written by CelebMix