How to use Instagram Stories

App updates can be the bane of our lives, or, on the other hand, make the app our new favourite. Take Twitter, for example. The removal of the ‘Favourite’ – the little gold star – and introduction of the ‘Like’ – a pink heart – caused pandemonium in the social media world and we’re still not used to people saying ‘I liked..’ without reference to Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat, however, have changed the social media game. The launch of their filters, including the popular ‘puppy face’ and ‘face swap’ have sparked interest in those around the globe, and not a day goes by when you can’t see a Instagram post using one of Snapchat’s many filters.

So, onto Instagram. In the past couple of days, their new update has been rolled out with the main focus being on Instagram Stories. Much like Snapchat, users are able to post images and videos to their story, which are then visible for 24 hours, before they disappear. Unlike Snapchat though, you can choose users you don’t want to view your story or alternatively post it to your Instagram feed within those 24 hours.

The new update has caused mild confusion with many users, so CelebMix have decided to compile a guide on how to use your story. Read on to find out.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app

Stories are displayed at the top of the home page. All the users you follow who have posted to their story will appear with a colourful circle around them – this means you have not yet viewed their story. Once the story has been viewed, the circle will disappear. Alternatively, when on someone’s profile, you can view their story (if they have one) by clicking on their profile picture.
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Step 2: Click the circular icon to post

In the top left corner of the homepage there is a little circular icon with a plus in the centre. This is what you press to post. Once this is pressed, the camera will be brought up.

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Step 3: Take your photo/video

Like Snapchat, to take a photo you simply press the middle button on the screen and for a video, press and hold. You can have the camera using the rear camera, or the front facing one and also have the opportunity to put the flash on.

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Step 4: Edit your photo/video

Once captured, you can play around with the filters, text and pens. Instagram has a large variety of their filters which can be applied, simply by swiping to the side. There are 3 different pens you can draw with – a standard pen, a highlighter and a glowing pen. At the bottom of the screen, colours can be selected. You can also add text by pressed the ‘Aa’ icon, typing what you want and then zooming in and out to resize it, before placing it anywhere on the image or video.

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Step 5: Posting your story

Once happy with your story, you simply press the large tick at the bottom of the screen to post. This is then visible for 24 hours to your followers. You can also save your story to your camera roll by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

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Step 6: Deleting your story and other features 

Once your story is up, you may change your mind and want to take it down. To do this, click on your story at the top of your home page, and then the three little dots in the bottom right corner. This will bring up a selection menu, from which you can choose to delete your post. Alternatively, if you decide you don’t want your story to disappear, you can post it onto your feed so it’s there forever. You can also save your story (if you forgot to before), and access other settings.

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Step 7: Story settings 

The other settings you can access are hiding your story from certain users, or allowing message replies. You can choose any users you don’t want to view your story here, and select them. The number of people you are hiding your story from will be displayed here too. Also, you can allow message replies from your followers, followers you follow back or turn them off. The default setting is your followers, however, when you change this, the blue tick will indicate the selection.

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We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to tweet us over at @CelebMix. Have fun posting to your story!

Written by CelebMix