Valentino Khan
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Valentino Khan Drops Galvanizing New EP – ‘pkg’

DJ Valentino Khan releases his brand-new EP, pkg, featuring collaborations with DJ/Producer Eptic and rapper Lil Jon.

Talking about the EP, Valentino Khan says, “I wanted to put together a release strictly for all the ravers out there.  In the midst of all my house music releases, I felt like switching it up to a more aggressive style for a moment.  These records are all heavy DJ tools that I want all of my peers to bang out in their sets.”

He goes on, adding, “I’m particularly proud of the lead single ‘Bloodbath’ with Lil Jon and Eptic.  Those are two people I’ve wanted to work with for years and Jon’s vocals are insane on this track.  ‘Baja Blast’ is a record I did with Psycho Boys Club, a couple of talented producers who are fast on the rise.  I made ‘Hurricanrana’ coming out of the lockdowns and wanted to tap into the feeling that festival season is back.”

The EP begins with “Bloodbath,” opening on sizzling coloration flowing into layers of luminous, oscillating synths as Lil Jon’s voice infuses the tune with ferocious tones. The rhythm, full of syncopated pulses and staggering dynamics, pushes the harmonics along with surging, thrumming potency.

“Hurricanrana” travels on blistering tones riding a thumping rhythm topped by almost cacophonous washes of synths. A massive drop imbues the tune with light, radiant colors that gather on rising floods of scorching textures.

“Baja Blast” features an electrifying into, brimming with shifting tiers of synths supported by rampant percussion. Blatting tones, sparkling hues, and the propelling rhythm combine to produce colossal energetic patterns.

All three tracks display a reckless dynamism of titanic proportions, at once frantic and on the brink of enormous hysteria, perfect for ravers.

On pkg, Valentino Khan expresses something out of a cosmic Neronianism, a kind of musical madness rife with pulverizing energy.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.