The Vamps’ James defends Islam following Brussels terror attacks

The Vamps’ James McVey has defended Islam following the devastating terror attacks on Brussels earlier today (March 22).

James took to Twitter earlier today to ask fans to stay safe following the attacks, and later returned to shoot down negative comments from Twitter user Steven Crowder, who suggested that “there is no greater evil in our time than Islam”.

Following Steven’s comments, #STOPISLAM began trending on Twitter.

Ever the outspoken, James responded to Steven’s ignorant comments by saying: “This highlights the unintelligence of a worrying amount of people. It demonstrates not only your astronomical ignorance, but also pertains to an alarming lack of education.

“Painting all followers of Islam under the same brush of ‘terrorism’ is as stupid as it is wrong.

“I presume you don’t group all Christians under the umbrella of the KKK.

“Either way, people like you who proclaim to be patriotic or doing ‘god’s work’ by condemning entire religions are disgusting.

“Your views on this remind me of someone else who shared this mindset… And he ethnically cleansed over six million people.

“You go worship and preach whatever, or whoever you believe in, but I worship the people of this world.”

James has once again shown that being famous doesn’t mean you have to sit back and keep your opinions to yourself, and we love him for that.

CelebMix sends its thoughts, prayers and love to all those affected by the Brussels attacks. Stay strong and stay safe.

Written by CelebMix