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Venus in Arms Releases Dreamy “Forever”

Dream-pop/shoegaze artist Venus in Arms, aka Olivia Barchard, released the music video for “Forever” a few days ago.

Talking about the song, Olivia shares, “‘Forever’ started with just a beat and once I layered in the string synths, I knew I wanted to create an emotive song focusing on a juxtaposition of warm and crystalline tones. I call it a sad bopper. I’d like to leave the interpretation of the song to the listener, but for me, the song is about taking a pause and sitting in the stillness of comfort and love. Something I was so grateful to find in family and my fur baby last year. I recorded the song in my home studio, mostly last year, wrapping up some parts this year. It’s the first song I’m releasing where I’ve had complete creative control from playing and recording the instrumentation/vocals to production. As freeing as this process has been, it’s proved to be a bit torturous! It was great practice in trusting my gut. And for that I’m grateful.”

She goes on to add, “This video means a lot to me because it has many snips of things that meant so much to me in the last year, such as my fur baby, feeling connected to family/friends, and having time to build more awareness. I wanted to go for a simplistic video that feels a bit raw and matched the emotions I felt when I wrote the song.”

Known for her work with Breakdown Valentine and Moon Museum, two popular San Francisco bands that have received beaucoup media coverage and performed at numerous festivals, Venus in Arms is Olivia’s solo project – a way to foster self-discovery and expand her artistic expression.

“Forever” opens on soft shimmering washes of sound, mirroring the silky-smooth dream-pop savors riding a gentle syncopated rhythm. Pulsing synths add indulgent coloration as Olivia’s delicate, alluring tones imbue the lyrics with warm timbres.

The mood and feel of “Forever” is at once tantalizing, creamy, and gently caressing, akin to a balmy sonic breeze.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.