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Vincent Liou Unveils New Music Video – “Big Surf”

Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou releases the music video for “Big Surf,” the title track from his recently released EP.

Vincent says, “I hope this song makes you boogie down, even if you are feeling down.”

A metaphor for the last time he was happy, which was prior to the pandemic when he believed he’d found an emotional and romantic connection to another person, Vincent wrote the song while laying blissfully in bed with his ex.

Even though the relationship eventually dissipated, Vincent enjoyed the thrill and elation of the experience. The song is Vincent’s way of inspiring others to not take life too seriously, reminding listeners to enjoy life and have fun.

The music video, directed by Brad Michael Wong, opens with Vincent, wearing a mullet wig, surrounded by beautiful young female musicians, vaguely reminiscent of Robert Palmer’s video for “Simply Irresistible.” As he dances and sings, Vincent reveals his loneliness and emotional isolation since the relationship ended.

“O darlin I’m in our bed, wonderin’ if I should call in sick / I’m just so in love with everythin’ you said / How could I go back to who I was / Will you love me til we’re gray and old / Will you love me til you go?”

Big surf opens on low-slung keyboards and soft colors flowing into a Japanese city-pop-laced melody. Oozing tones, at once creamy and dreamy, ride a syncopated rhythm brimming with pop savors. Intertwining sparkling surfaces form sinuous layers of shimmering sound, giving the tune at twinkling patina.

The tantalizing melody combines with the psychedelic lights and shifting visuals, presenting a kaleidoscopic array of audio-visual patterns. Although the lyrics are rife with sad nostalgia, as he recalls his romance, it’s evident Vincent had a grand time making the video.

With “Big Surf,” Vincent Liou amalgamates gleaming textures of city-pop with indie-pop energy, resulting in an infectious song.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.