Watch Leah McFall Perform “Silent Night” In A Cathedral In Belfast

Leah McFall has smashed it once again. She has released a live version of the Christmas classic “Silent Night”. Making it completely her own; this is like no “Silent Night” you’ve heard before.

She was the runner-up on the second series of The Voice UK; losing out to Andrea Begley. She went on to release a single in collaboration with her her coach, titled “Home”; unfortunately it didn’t make a chart impact and her album got cancelled. Now she’s back, releasing independently. Recently, she dropped single “Wolf Den” which was well received.

She surprised everyone during the live shows when she sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” like we’ve never heard it before. Now she’s done it again, only this time with an iconic Christmas song.

Her vocals are pure fire throughout, flipping this famous song into a soulful technical ballad. Leah McFall is joined by guitarist Andy Ferguson, drummer Peter Comfort, and bassist Tim Napier in the live video clip; completely directed by David Moody.

Watch Leah McFall Sing “Silent Night” Here:

Sung live in St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast; Leah McFall’s vocal are astonishing. The isolation and the echo that the cathedral offers definitely adds to the recording of this live version of this Christmas song.

The single was released on 11 November 2016. Whether more Christmas songs will follow is a question we don’t have the answer to, but we hope for a full Christmas album.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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