Watch South Asian artist, STOKED revolutionise the Global Techno Music space  with his single ‘Java Rain’

The electronic music scene is in a state of perpetual evolution, encapsulating the imagination of millions in the process. The electronic’s scene features a multi-faceted array of genres; out of which techno seems to be gaining the most Momentum. Spearheading this Techno renaissance is electronic Music Maestro, STOKED. 

If you identify as a fan of techno, you need to stay informed on this musical wizard’s fresh contribution to the Art form. Based out of Goa, STOKED has an impressive tracklist and 7 years of experience under his belt. Thanks to his 4 chart-topping singles, the spotlight is on STOKED as he ascends the ladder of recognition as a TECHNO pioneer. 

Besides his chart-tearers, STOKED also boasts 14 top 10 releases, over 16 top 100 tunes & 56 releases in the BEATPORT top 100 releases. Consistency & musical curiosity constitute his defining traits as a successful artist as he is infamous for his experimental sound & fresh music. Support for STOKED from the likes of Monika Kruse, Bart skills,  Joseph Capriati, Umek, Balthazar & Jackrock, Spartaque, Luigi Madonna, Metodi Hristov, Ramon Tapia and Ramiro Lopez can be accredited to these defining traits. 

As he digs his feet firmly in the dirt; his promising new single ‘Java Rain’ that captures the sound of the tropics, has been making waves. The track is an amalgamation of the geniuses of balthazar, jack rock & STOKED. Being released on Monika Kruse’s techno outfit, ‘Terminal M’, it marks his debut as the first Indian artist to be signed by the globe-spanning label. 

Among the many reasons that set STOKED apart from your average artist, a defining factor is his ability to make anyone groove, including a novice raver or techno amateur. 

His work portfolio spans projects with Codex Recordings, IAMT, and Say What. His banger Techno HERO was a BEATPORT chart-blower and he’s certain to raise the bar higher with this new tune JAVA RAIN. 

Besides being a creator of symphonies, STOKED is also a prolific curator & performer of music festivals across India, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, and the UAE. He’s also one of the first Asian’s to debut his music as a headliner for the ‘Sea You Festival 2022’ Germany that happens later this year

The techno connoisseur will tour Europe for two months followed by his performance at the Bavarian mega-festival Grüne Sonne. Observing his career graph reinstates one’s belief in his meteoric rise to success.

Written by Digital Nod