Watch the trailer for Cafe Society here

Woody Allen’s first Amazon film Cafe Society trailer is out and is all set to make you laugh. It’s a story about a boy named Bobby, a character played by Jesse Eisenberg who wants to make a career in films. Love affair swept him to a Cafe Society “that defined the spirit of the age”.

Bobby is irrational and emotional. In short, he’s doomed!

The trailer begins with a lavish party and you’re reminded of The Great Gatsby. As Phil says, “The whole town runs on ego”,  the lush life of the Hollywood is ripped off to unveil the facade called ‘glamour’. The cast line up is an icing on the cake. With Kirsten Steward, Steve Carell, Parker Posey and Jeannie Berlin, Allen is all set to deliver a complete package of entertainment for us.

Check out the trailer!

Cafe Society is Woody Allen’s first feature to be shot in digital and the movie will premiere at Seatlle Film Festival as a North Americal Premiere on May 19th.It will also open at 2016 Cannes’ Festival.

This is Kristen Stewart’s year. The trailer for Equals is also out and she seems to offer a promising role like in this one. So, what are you waiting for? Mark the dates and watch them on the first day, first show.

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