Waze and Odyssey and Tommy Theo have teamed up on Always

Waze & Odyssey and DJ Tommy Theo have teamed up on their latest release, Always.

It’s an absolute banger of a track, one perfect for the weekend, which we cannot stop listening to.

Always” is a piano house tune built around vocal samples from George Michael and Mary J Blige’s 1999 cover of a Stevie Wonder classic, which has been given the seal of approval from all artist camps.

The iconic lines are carefully tweaked and filtered, drawn-out and looped to build real tension as big rubbery kick drums and shiny chords explode all around it to really ignite any dancefloor.

London-based Waze & Odyssey are longtime house music champions whose 2014 single “Bump & Grind” has amassed over 100M listens.

You can listen to Always here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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