We Spoke With Fifth Harmony Fans To Find Out Why They Love Them So Much

Since they were formed back in 2012, the ever-so-popular girlband, Fifth Harmony, has become one of the biggest role models to people all around the world. These five ladies have impacted the music industry in extraordinary ways, but what is even more incredible, is the way they have impacted their fans’ hearts. Fifth Harmony has proven they are all about girl power and being yourself. They have become a true inspiration to people of all ages and their positive impact on the world is anything but tiny. To prove just how great these girls are, we spoke to many fans, on Twitter, to find out just how much they love Fifth Harmony.

(@AlwaysJLover)- “They bring light into my darkest days. They make me feel loved and worth it. In them, I see five heroes. I love these girls.”

(@5HfeatDDLovato)- “I love these girls because they use their platform to address important issues such as feminism and politics.”

(@JaureguiWalden)- “They inspire me each and every day. They show how powerful a girl can be just by being you. They give us [fans] confidence.”

(@biawonders)- “They show me how strong and powerful women can be and how to use that power in the wisest, most positive ways.”

(@huhjauregui)- “I love them because they showed me the real me. They are always making me feel more confident in myself.”

(@gansitoOT5)- “[I love them] because they use the impact they have in so many people for good things like campaigns. They are so supportive.”

(@_themoonlight27)- “I love them because they are so brave, humble, and passionate about music. [I] just love them for being themselves.”

(@Harleysjesy)- “They’re so kind, talented, funny, and just some of the best people in the industry right now.”

(@SHarmonizer4E)- “[I love them] because they are amazing. They inspire me [and] make me feel so happy [and] confident. They are an amazing idol; I love them.”

(@SlaveFrom5H)- “They are so humble and nice with everyone and I love this about them!”

(@DaniellaG04)- “They’ve taught us how to love ourselves [fans] through their music. They are only human yet so perfect!”

Fifth Harmony has proven that they stand for girl power, being confident in yourself, and living every day to its fullest. What makes the “Work From Home” singers so impeccable is that they use their high status and success for good. Whether that is writing a song, participating in a campaign, or doing an interview, Fifth Harmony makes sure to spread positivity and love. It is amazing how these girls hold so much power, yet they stay so humble and kind to others. Even in their music, they are so honest and open, and you can tell just how passionate they are for what they do.

Overall, fans ADORE Fifth Harmony. Their music is the perfect pick-me-up or Friday night jam. After reading about the amount of love that people have for these girls, we want to go make 500 Harmonizer fan accounts! If you don’t know the ladies of Fifth Harmony very well, make sure to look up some of their songs on YouTube or iTunes. We can assure you, you won’t regret it.

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Before you go, check out Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” video!

Written by CelebMix