A black and white promotional photo for "Made Me Happy" which has a kaleidoscopic filter with WESSON in the middle and mirrored images of each member expand out to each side of the image.
Photo Credit: Nichola O'Donnell

WESSON releases an uplifting and inspiring new single and music video titled “Made Me Happy”

Spreading some positivity into the world is WESSON with their recently released single “Made Me Happy”. It also has an unforgettable accompanying music video that is sure to brighten up your day. This follows up their previous single titled “Voices”.

WESSON is a four-piece British alt-rock band, from Milton Keynes, consisting of singer/songwriter Christopher Wesson, guitarist Jimmy Brewer, bassist Callum Mangold-Jackson, and drummer Dale Luke Parker. Their music has a gritty rock edge, featuring bold bass riffs, driving drum beats, and soaring vocal parts that touch on everyday life experiences and reflections. Their organic approach to songwriting allows for honesty and emotional intimacy in their lyrics. The band’s goal is to inspire others to live unapologetically and be true to themselves. They have gigged across the UK, supporting artists such as The Bluetones, Callum Beattie and Lucy Spraggan. Having only debuted last year with the song “Understand”, the band have worked hard to build their fanbase with tens of thousands of streams on all five of their single releases, and are totally set for their biggest year yet as 2023 really kicks off.

Talking about the track, Chris Wesson said: “I believe that everyone has a unique perspective to every situation and we try to tap into that, to create a distinctive experience for every listener.”

Watch the official music video to “Made Me Happy” by WESSON here:

Written by Callum Mangold-Jackson, Dale Luke Parker, Jimmy Brewer, and John Christopher Wesson, “Made Me Happy” is an alternative rock song with ’00s nostalgia vibes running throughout as the band delve deep into regrets from the past whilst encouraging their listeners to make sure you do what makes you happy. Lyrically, it’s an emotional piece that allows the band to reflect, and Chris Wesson delivers it with passion and heart as it’s clear that the band is now doing something they love, something that makes them happy.

The awesome, bright, and fun music video, see the band turn themselves into neon light stickmen with cheery faces which include a winky face with a tongue, a happy face, a side-smile face, and a grinning face with squinty eyes. We all love our emojis, don’t we? So, it’s great to see the band use these positive emotional emoji-style faces for their looks, and then go as far as lighting up their instruments with the neon lights, including the amps, the guitars, and the drums. They’ve really gone all out. The fun style to this spreads happiness to all who watch, and they effortlessly showcase their awesome energy and stage presence during the performance segments, which are intercut with playful dance scenes, bringing their jovial personalities to the music video.

Stream the band’s new single on Spotify here:

“Made Me Happy”, by WESSON, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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