Weston Allen takes you for a ride to ‘Utopia Erotica’

Creator, director, editor, music and everything in between, today Weston Allen premieres single ‘Utopia Erotica’.

The creative director behind artists including Dorian Electra and Mood Killer, Weston Allen is a visual talent to be reckoned with. Today, he returns to the forefront as an artist with “an anthem to let your checkered freak fly”.

As you can expect, the single lands with a video produced by Electra and Killer. As he dons a chess-board inspired suit and makes his way through the night on a car bonnet, before unmasking for a flute solo (recorded by Zak Pischonette), Allen sings: “Read my lips got you tongue-tied, Utopia Erotica, I’ll take your ego for a wild ride.”

“A college fight song for a faceless, genderless student body to sing their alma mater’s kinks and quirks”, Allen brands ‘Utopia Erotica’. For fans of the likes of Pussy Riot and Banoffee, it’s the same disruptive bending of electropop that fills the underground spaces the artists thrive in.

The first release since 2018’s jazzy, almost Mika-esque, offering ‘Adult Contemporary’ and 2017’s The Glove’s Come Off, ‘Utopia Erotica’ is a new sound from the creator-extraordinaire.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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