What Are The Best Casino Movies To Watch?

Below are some of the best casino movies so you can get an angle on the game. Not only are they entertaining to watch, but educational as well.

5. Vegas Vacation

This comedy is the fourth installment of the National Lampoon series about a father who takes his family on a vacation to Las Vegas to renew wedding vows with his wife. He shows them the wonders of the world, but things take a dark turn because he quickly realizes that “City if Sin” is not very family friendly.

4. Ocean’s Eleven

A recently released ex-con gets back into the game by hooking up with a group of his old buddies to pull off a heist by robbing the 3 major Vegas casinos – Bellagio, Cesar Palace, and MGM Grand – all owned by Terry Benedict; a man who married his ex wife. The group of thieves orchestrates a bunch of sophisticated coincidental methods to rob the casinos on a world-famous boxing night.

3. Casino

A mob connected businessman decides he wants to live a normal life with his girlfriend and childhood friend. Everything goes awry when a member of the mafia family comes to town and disrupts the flow of the business. The movie dibbles and dabbles in the well documented mob-connected history of Las Vegas.

2. 21

A gifted student does not have $300,000 to attend Harvard University, so ends up getting with a group of math wizards and a teacher that goes to Las Vegas and fleeces the casino out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by using card counting methods in Blackjack. A casino security guard discovers their plans and engages in a cat-and-mouse game to catch them.

1. The Hangover

A group of friends decides to go to Las Vegas to celebrate one of them getting married soon. They celebrate the night with drinking hard liquor that was unknowingly spiked by another friend with a drug that knocks people unconscious. They all blackout for entire night. When they awake in the next morning, they do not remember anything from the night before. Slowly, they start to discover the mischievous stuff, including stealing former heavyweight Mike Tyson’s tiger and a police car, they had done.

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Written by CelebMix