What is Against The Current’s Snapchat?

What’s an easy and efficient way for celebrities to communicate with fans and keep them up to date with what’s going on in their lives? Snapchat! Quite a lot of celebrities have snapchat and you can find all their usernames to add them in our handy Snapchat Bible.

One of the many bands to have snapchat is American pop rock band Against The Current. Their snapchat is definitely one to be added if you’re a fan of their band and/or you want to see what life is like at Warped Tour as that’s where they currently are. From now until the 13th of August Against The Current will on warped so expect a couple of snapchats from that and if we’re lucky we’ll also see snapchats of the various things they do in their free time or on days they don’t have a show.

What is Against The Current’s snapchat? 

You can follow Against The Current on snapchat using atcofficial 

Who else should you be following on snapchat?

We may not be playing at warped, but what we can offer is live videos/pictures from the various shows we have the pleasure of going to. You’ll be able to see all these snapchats and more if you add us using our username CelebMix. It’s all waiting to be watched by you, all you have to do is add us.

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Written by CelebMix