What We Know About BTS – Love Yourself: Tear So Far

BTS have finally announced that they will be releasing their third full length album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ on May 18th.

With the date edging closer everyday, we decided to compile a list of everything that we know about the new album and what is left to be discovered in the latest addition to the ‘Love Yourself’ series.

Euphoria ISN’T the album intro…or is it?

After the gorgeous video ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF ? Wonder’, fans went wild expecting that member Jungkook would be in charge of the next album’s introduction song, but everything was not as it seemed.

BigHit released a statement to Naver explaining that ‘Wonder’ is a video assisting the story of the series, equating to Euphoria not being connected to the album. But surely this stunning track is not being left off of the album, right?

The album is not as light hearted as ‘Love Yourself: Her’

After the bright, energetic and blissful joy that was ‘Love Yourself: Her’, the BTS boys are doing a complete 180 with this album. After the news broke about the album, BigHit took to the exclusive fan café (fan club to us Westerners) to explain that the album will be exploring the theme of suffering.

The contrast between the two releases deepens the feelings that the boys aimed to portray through the series, by showing the different aspects that love can hold. The theme coincides with the hidden tracks from the physical edition of ‘Love Yourself: Her’  with ‘Skit: Hesitation and Fear’ and ‘Sea’ showing that despite the love and popularity that the group receive, they are still filled with the fear of losing what they have.

The title track might be called ‘Fake Love’

Korean media revealed on May 2nd that BTS will indeed be returning to the Ellen stage on May 25th, and also revealing that the title track of ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ is titled ‘Fake Love’. While BigHit confirmed the Ellen performance, they refused to comment on the track name, hinting that it is potentially correct. However, the official tracklist is yet to be announced. If the media sites were correct, the title does indeed mirror the angst that is the supposed theme of the album and hints at either a ruined relationship, or perhaps a fake love with oneself?

The debut performance is at the Billboard Music Awards

After making history at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards by becoming the first Korean act to win an award, the boys expressed their desire to perform at the 2018 awards, which is happening. On May 20th, BTS will be taking to the Billboard stage for the worldwide debut performance of their single. We cannot wait to see what the boys have in store!

So, this is all that we know about the one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of the year.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

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