White Lynx Releases New Single & Music Video “Mysterious Thing” Featuring Emberlyon

It’s been a long wait for White Lynx’s follow-up to “Let It Be”, but gosh has it been worth it. “Mysterious Thing” sees him collaborate with Emberlyon once again. It’s been released on Global Records, with an engaging narrative music video.

This acts as White Lynx’s third single overall, following on from this year’s releases “Feel My Love” and “Let It Be”. It was written by Georgiana Eakins (Emberlyon) and White Lynx, whilst production comes from Serj Musteata.

As for the music video, it’s a full-on narrative visual that keeps all viewers gripped from the very start. It was directed by Tiberius Margaian, whilst Sergiu Margaian acted as director of photography and editor.

Watch White Lynx’s Music Video For “Mysterious Thing” Feat. Emberlyon Here:

To start off with, Emberlyon’s vocals have been compared to Ellie Goulding’s voice, and we have to agree. The song is beyond addicting, relying on Emberlyon’s hypnotic vocals to really transcend the entire sound. White Lynx impresses with the beaty track easily making us wish we’d hear this whilst clubbing.

As for the music video, it effortlessly relates to the song. We watch a young couple spend time together in an elderly man’s home – he looks like he’s the grandfather of the woman, although he could be her father. Either way, he clearly does not approve of the growing relationship and does his best to stop them from spending time together. It’s all a game of cat and mouse and it really works with both the lyrics of the song and the production of the track.

We adore this song; and, the music video is not only comical but adds much-need flavour to the track. “Mysterious Thing” is available to download and stream right now. We hope White Lynx releases more amazing music next year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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