Who Have Been The Best Acts of All tIme on Britain’s Got Talent

Both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent have re-invented talent shows and they attract a huge audience for each and every season which has aired. In fact the 14th season of America’s Got Talent is in full swing at the moment and if you think you know who is going to win then you may be able to win some cash, head to a casino online, check out its TV show betting options and lay some money down on who you think will lift the winner’s trophy. Not all of the best acts win the price however and since this show has been on British screens we have seen some incredible acts, not all winners, who have blown the public away, and here are our top 5.


Dance troupes are often seen at these talent shows but there is nothing like Diversity, a street-dance crew which featured 4 sets of brothers and 4 additional members. This dance crew had one of the most innovative and show-stopping performances which the franchise has ever seen, and they went on to win in 2009 ahead of a certain Britain’s Got Talent sensation.

Susan Boyle

The sensation which we were alluding to was of course Susan Boyle, a woman who will go down in history as one of the most incredible talents which the show has ever had. It wasn’t just Susan’s voice which elevated her status as a singer, but also the shock which she gave the audience who dismissed her from the moment that the 46 year old Scot hit the stage. Eyes rolled when she declared that she wanted to ‘sing like Elaine Page’, but moments later Boyle showed everyone why they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Stavros Flatley

The combination of a Greek/Irish father and son duo was exactly what was the producers would have had in mind when creating this show. The pair created a unique, bizarre and hilarious dance routine which instantly caught the audience’s and the judge’s attention leading Simon Cowell to declare these two as his ‘favorite dance act ever’.

Paul Potts

Mobile phone salesman Paul Potts appeared shy and lacking confidence as he took to the stage, even more so when he announced that he would be singing opera, cueing looks of ridicule from judges and audience alike. There was no ridicule in the room once Paul had delivered a scintillating version of Nessun Dorma however and those judgmental eyes were filled with tears of sadness and joy as Potts hit the crescendo and bowed out to rapturous applause.

Jonathan and Charlotte

This duo looked strange from the outset, an overweight teenage boy with rock-star hair and a seemingly quiet, librarian-looking girl along side him. As Charlotte began to sing the crowd got on board and when Jonathan opened up his vocal chords to deliver a powerful operatic voice, everyone instantly fell in love with this act. Following the performance the duo endeared themselves even more to the UK has Jonathan turned down Cowell’s advice that ditch Charlotte and go it alone.

Which have been your favorite moments on the Britain’s Got Talent show?

Written by CelebMix