Why celebrities love to have a flutter

It’s no secret that some of the world’s biggest celebrities love to gamble. Indeed, Lady Gaga made a name for herself after singing about her Poker Face, and nowadays virtually every A-list singer has a Las Vegas residency, including Adele who’s set to announce hers soon. Below, we’ve put together some of the reasons why our favourite celebrities love gambling. 

They’ve got money

Okay, this one sounds obvious but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. With millions of dollars in their bank accounts, celebrities can really go to town when they’re gambling and having fun, raising the stakes for everyone else and injecting some drama and excitement into proceedings. Dana White, for example, managed to win an eye-watering $5 million playing blackjack – if you have the passion and experience and a decent wager, you could be onto something huge! Naturally, casinos and fellow gambling enthusiasts are big fans of Dana. 

It gives them a buzz

In a world where celebrities have everything handed to them on a plate, and where they are winning awards and smashing records, gambling serves as a level playing field and they have to work if they want to win. The buzz they get when they hit the jackpot is the same buzz as you and I get – it can be electrifying and make a vacation even more enjoyable. It’s also another opportunity for them to get all eyes on them – for celebs and stars who love the attention, placing large bets will no doubt ensure they’re the talk of the casino and have people waiting around to see how they perform. After all, it’s really good fun to observe! 

They can play online

For musicians and actors who are constantly touring or on set, a more recent innovation is online gambling, and being able to enjoy the same highs they’re familiar with from Las Vegas on their iPhone or tablet. One of the benefits of playing online (check out www.OnlineGamblers.com if you’d like to do the same) is that they can play anonymously. Nobody will know who they are and they can, even if only for a short period of time, feel like anyone else. With games becoming more advanced and engaging, playing online can be just as much fun as playing in person, with live hosts, interactive communities, and truly immersive games. 

It’s great for networking

Another reason why you’ll likely find some of the world’s biggest celebrities in casino halls in five-star hotels is that it’s great for networking. The chances are that your average Joe won’t be found in these high-end establishments, so celebrities can mingle with people of their own kind, make new friends, and take their business ventures to the next level. Donald Trump and Stanley Ho own their own casinos and are regularly found mingling with guests. 

We’ve put together just some of the reasons why your favourite celebrity might want to play a game or two. Let us know if you have any other reasons and we’ll be sure to add them on!

Written by Monella