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Macklemore Joins Why Don’t We On “I Don’t Belong In This Club”

Why Don’t We is feeling awkward af at the club and made the perfect bop out of it. Listen to the song and watch the video right here.

American boy band Why Don’t We is joined by rapper Macklemore on their latest release “I Don’t Belong in This Club”. Released just last night, the track deals with them feeling slightly uncomfortable and unhappy at the club they just entered.

Even Macklemore, who enters on the second verse, is not being treated well as he is being asked by the bouncer “‘Mackler, who? You gotta wait like everybody else‘”. It’s a tough life but the boys have created a splendid track out of the whole, slightly absurd scenario.

Quick-witted, easy on the ears and enormously catchy, “I Don’t Belong In This Club” may deal with the fact that the boys themselves don’t want to be at the club but we would certainly like to hear their music there. It is a powerful feel-good track that immediately makes us want to scream and shout the lyrics alongside the boys.

After a top 10 debut album released last year (“8 Letters”) and several tracks with over 50 million streams on Spotify, this pop-rock track filled with trumpets might end up being the big breakout hit for the boys.

“I Don’t Belong In This Club” is another great hit for Why Don’t We and one of the great, big pop songs already released this year.

Listen to the track right here:

An accompanying video has also just been released a couple of hours ago. The visuals have been directed by Jason Koenig and feature the singers trying to get into a club with fake IDs and mustaches and then ending up facing one disappointing event after another, spilled champagne on their jackets and awkward robo dances all inclusive.

Watch the video right here:

The song was written by Gang Wolf, Macklemore, Zak Abel and Jacob Manson. Production was handled by the latter.

“I Don’t Belong In This Club” is now available on all streaming platforms and the digital retailer of your choice. It has been released via Atlantic Records. Find your preferred platform by clicking here.

Also be sure to follow the boys on their social media accounts @whydontwemusic.

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