Why Fans Love Hozier

Hozier (Real Name: Andrew Hozier-Bryne) burst onto the scene in 2014 with his mega-hit “Take Me To Church.” It didn’t take long for the Irish crooner to build a massive fan base. Fans have been dedicated enough to travel the world to see him, wait hours to meet him, or even tattoo lyrics or his name. These fans are truly dedicated to an ultra talented artist even after just one album and that says a lot. CelebMix spoke to Hozier’s fans to find out why they love him so much.

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Jodie- “I love his poetic lyrics which I sometimes have to look up to understand. His social conscience, humility and the fact that he has made me take a long hard look at myself. He’s such a grown up for a young man, is socially responsible and makes me want to be a better human being. I find him inspiring and love that he’s totally awkward at times. Of course, musically he is the bomb. Speaks to my soul.”

Marialuisa- “first : his voice is the best i’ve never heard before in all my life; second : I grew up in ’60/ ’70….I love all the music, Andrew’s music is a great mix of the music I loved; third : it doesn’t matter that he’s so young, his soul has no age, he is a very good , intelligent and sweet man !!! I agree with everything you wrote ( but I’m an old italian fan who doesn’t speak english enough”

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Bil- “Why do I love Hozier and his music? His Music:
I first noticed his voice. Then the structure and composition of “Take Me To Church” and then also the lyrics. The song grabbed me. It seemed to ‘travel’ so well for it’s duration of play at any given shop I heard it in (over their sound system). TMTC made some sort of deep feelings inside of me soar. I felt awoken to something I feel like I’d been awaiting for a decade. Something new. Some … inspiration. And then I heard more of his music on the Pandora app. Dark. Powerful. Lyrically genius. Unafraid. Instrumentally bold. And very, very … how to put it? Musically “me”. I found it! I found the music for which I was waiting such a long time, and hence began an adventure where I saw Andrew and the band members perform 8 times in Australia in 2015 (Sydney, Byron Bay’s Bluesfest, Melbourne, & Brisbane). Every gig was more physically challenging that the previous (for reasons that are associated with my disabling conditions that arose from injures I sustained in 2013).”

Andrew- “I love Hozier for the simplest, most obvious, and I suspect also common of reasons amongst us, his supporters. I guess I would say they would be because he is: astoundingly intelligent and wise for his age, truly a lyrical genius, witty, funny, an introvert, kind to his fans, and seemingly fearless when it comes to him fighting for causes he believes need attention.

I bet sitting down at a bar for a friendly, casual-like drink with Andrew Hozier-Byrne would involve lots of stimulating conversation and many laughs. That would be a lovely dream come true. In that ‘dream’, I would also love to thank him for the friendships I made all over the world because of him.”

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Corinne- “What can I say, everything is already said but his music and his voice feed my soul and I listen to him every day because if not I feel like incomplete. He’s a beautiful old soul, so humble, funny, with a strong political conscience. I’ve seen him twice and I can’t wait for the next time.”

Anastasia- “I’ve often seen this cliche from fans to their favourite “media” people – “You’ve helped me” and then different cases. Sometimes it makes me wonder the real difference between ‘help’ and ‘support’, because I can’t actually say whether his songs, words, and deeds help or support me. Somehow they manage to do both – at first you soak up the lyrics, you appreciate the beauty of them, the story they tell, these songs soothe you and make you take a deep sigh full of relief, but then it’s like it kicks you and makes you work on yourself and the relationships you has with people, and it makes you just…work, be a functioning human being. I really love that his music has a touch of some old times I’ve never seen, haven’t been born then, but I still miss them – when people sang meaningful stories and let the music lead them somewhere far away, they’ve probably wore some denim overalls, plaid wool shirts, knitted sweaters…
I like the way he challenges my knowledge of language, literature, cinema, music, how I often investigate and find some new author/band/idiom even, because he really is intelligent.
I just feel really lucky to live in the same time with this funny, honest, down-to-earth, clever, talented and yes – handsome – human being, that is Andrew Hozier-Byrne.”


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Bianca- “I didn’t feel like this about a band or singer long ago. He did dawn on me the spirit of a crazy fangirl who does anything to see her idol. I traveled from Brazil to London just to see him. I had never done that in my life. My first international trip wasn’t to sightsee but to see Hozier. I think I never memorized lyrics so fast. I never enjoyed an entire album in my life but I love all the songs on his album. He’s a phenomenal artist. His lyrics are amazing, his voice is wonderful and besides, he’s an intelligent and authentic young man. He deal with his fans fondly and is not contaminated with fame. He remains Andrew despite Hozier. It’s very easy to love him.”

Panarea- “He is authentic! He has something that you don’t meet often! He is a living legend and it is not to early to say that. Has the charisma to travel your soul and touch you deep insight with his voice and lyrics. On the stage shines! It’s magic! I feel very lucky that I have seen him live and hope to see him again!”

Emily- “What makes Hozier so unique is his instrumental music, which is so unbelievably soulful and bluesy, is infused with lyrics that are written with the same quality and care as Oscar Wilde or W.B. Yeats and a voice fit for being a front man for one of the best choirs in the world. Combine those thee elements together and you have pure auditory magic that draws you in like moth to a flame.”

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Cathy- “His voice and music touch my soul in a profound way. Add to that his genuine passion for just about every truth that I hold dear…he really is the complete package. Also, growing up in the 70’s, I am really drawn to long hair and facial hair. It all just works.”

Sharon- “Why I love Hozier and his music? He is the most talented, sweetest and most real/genuine person who really appreciate his fans. His music is for me music like I had never heard before and it touched me from the first time I’ve heard it. All the songs are different and I love that!
Andrew and his music also made me realise to do what I love the most and do what makes me happy, even if people call you crazy of weird.”


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.