Why Harry Styles is Your Perfect Valentine

If I could fly
I’d be comin’ right back home to you
I think I might
Give up everything, just ask me to


Is anyone else completely smitten just thinking about If I Could Fly and how Harry Styles was so absolutely adamant about the song being called just that?  It’s   the most romantic thing in the world to think that someone would give up the entire world if only you asked them to; that’s the kind of love Harry believes in – the kind of love he knows exists.

When you think about a perfect valentine, Harry certainly fits the mold, and while we could talk about why forever, we narrowed it down to five reasons that he’s the perfect man for the job.

5. He genuinely cares – about everyone

Harry always makes sure that no matter who he’s spending his time with – that they know how cared about they are.  From the way he treats each fan he encounters as if they’re the only person in the world, to the way he helps set up and clean up during his own interviews, to the way not one person who meets him has a bad thing to say about him – Harry gives his heart to everyone he meets.  It’s incredible how absolutely loving he is, in a world where raw love is rare, Harry embraces it so fully that he’s found a way to make sure everyone else has a chance to experience it too.  Having the quality within you to love without conditions is important, Harry encompasses that quality.

4. He’s absolutely gorgeous

Okay so this reason might be a little superficial, but can you blame us?  Harry has gorgeous curls, perfect dimples, eyes that light up a room, and a smile that makes your knees go absolutely weak.  His heart also shines from the inside and that is one of the most beautiful things about him.  He looks good dressed up, in casual wear, and on stage; his best look though?  How absolutely beautiful he is anytime he’s smiling, there is nothing in this world like a happy Harry Styles.

3. He writes incredible music

Harry doesn’t just write songs for One Direction, he writes with and for other artists too – one of the most famous examples of this in recent music is Just A Little Bit of Your Heart, a song no one could get out of their head for weeks.  There are songs by Augustana that Harry has helped write too, among several with other artists as well.  All the songs Harry helps write are beautiful, full of power, and soaked in emotion – they’re Perfect! (it’s a list about Harry, we had to make a pun) Harry also carries a journal around that we’re sure is full of song writing and some personal writing as well – his heart and mind seem to be super connected and that is admirable – and attractive!

2. His heart is made of gold

It’s no surprise that Harry is an absolute angel – his heart is actually made of gold.  His kindness is only matched by his immense ability to love – both rare aspects of a person that make him an absolute joy.  He shows this in many ways from charity donations, to time with fans, to accepting people at face value regardless of who they are – and even showing off how important his family is, and how much they mean to him.  Harry is a lover instead of a fighter, someone who accepts people instead of berating them for what makes them different, and he is a person who can give, give, and give some more and still keep himself up too.  Being a voice for change and acceptance, a man aware of social issues, a friend to anyone who needs it, and a beacon of light for people who can’t use their own voice – he is many things to many people, but most importantly – he loves himself, and self love means you’re truly able to love others too.

1. He treats women with respect

Harry is known for being a voice for change, as we mentioned earlier, and one thing he’s passionate about is equality and respect for women.  Harry took part in #HeforShe and encouraged others to do the same.  This was a large gesture but it’s the every day actions he takes that prove just how dedicated he is to making sure women are respected.  He’s never treated women like objects, is offended when it’s suggested that he objectifies them, and he’s even stood up when interviewers asked him what he’d do if a bigger fan jumped up into his arms – in any circumstance that women are brought up – Harry tries to empower them.  When asked about HeforShe he had this to say about women, but also young people in general.

“Any time that you can make someone who potentially might not feel as great about themselves as they should, feel better about themselves, I think that’s always a positive thing.”

Is there anything that Harry does that doesn’t absolutely make your heart melt?  In a career where a lot of people are writing songs about women suggestively, calling them out of their name, and noting their value through sexual favors – Harry, and the rest of One Direction, have never taken that road – and never will.

We could talk for hours about why Harry is perfect, not just as a valentine, but as someone you’d be lucky to know in your day to day life – and we hope that the people who know him cherish him as much as we do!  Is Harry your dream valentine?  Tweet us at @CelebMix1D or @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.