We spoke with The Tide’s fans to find out why they love them so much

The Tide are a band from California who are currently taking the world by storm. They have fans, Tiders, from across the globe and we spoke to some of them to find out why they love The Tide so much.

Nathalie | 16 | Holland – “The first thing I love about The Tide is their music, it’s something new and special and I have never heard anything like it. They give me the feeling that I matter and that I’m loved by people and that they are always there even when they are not around. They are the sweetest to their fans and always try to make us happy if we need it. They are the kindest, sweetest and most special people I ever met and I love them so much.”

Rachel | 18 | UK – “I love The Tide for many reasons and the list could keep on going, but here’s a few: They are truly amazing people who can brighten up someone’s day by doing something so simple! They do try to keep everyone happy (even though it can be close to impossible as we are all different)! They keep their songs to a style that they want, and they are just lovely people.”

Emily | 16 | UK – “I love The Tide because they are the most down to Earth and lovely boys ever. They make you feel so comfortable when you meet them, and will always be up for a photo and a hug which I admire so much. They also stop to meet fans which I also admire because they take a lot of time out of their days to meet the people who look up to them. I also love how active they are on Twitter, they are always making fans happy by noticing them on Twitter which is another reason I love them. There are so many other reasons, but one more reason in particular that I love The Tide is that they have worked so hard to get where they are now, their drive to work hard and achieve their dreams makes me so proud and is another reason why I love them, they deserve so much happiness because that’s what they bring us Tiders.”

Liberty | 13 | UK – “I love The Tide because they are always here for their fans and creating such good music. They also care for us and are amazing live.”

Melanie | 15 | UK – “They’re all such talented guys, and you can see how dedicated they to the music and the fans both on and off stage. They also try their best to interact with fans, you can clearly see how much they care about everyone who supports them. They produce great song after great song and are such down to Earth and genuine guys, and I love them so much for that.”

Sophie | 17 | UK – “I love The Tide because they’re such genuine, nice, caring lads and their talent is unbelievable. I’m so proud of them.”

Paige | 16 | UK – “The Tide are a band that haven’t let fame go their head, a band that have mixed interest and contrast that just brings them closer and the friendship they have is inspirational. They love anything the fans do for them and involve them in whatever they are doing even if it’s band related decisions, they let the fans decide. Everything they do is for us and it makes us feel closer to them because that’s hard with famous bands to feel a personal connection, but I have that with the boys and that’s why I love them so much. I am also unbelievably thankful, they’re not here for the money or the fame, they’re here to touch people’s souls and bring love to people deprived of it, the care and love so much.”

Ornella | 16 | Argentina – “I think there are no words to explain the love I feel for The Tide. It is as if to count the grains of sand, for this love is infinite. They are people so dedicated, so loving, with a huge heart, and above all, are as human as each of us.

They have an immense light and so much love. They are those people whom you see and say ‘this is something so worthwhile’, and I do not mean being a fan, it’s because I’ve seen something in them I do not see in anyone else. All the effort they’ve made and make every day to succeed doing what they love.

No matter what happens from here to a thousand years on, I have my feet on the ground and thank every second for what has happened. Thank life for having known them, and no matter if I don’t see them again, I will be happy for the rest of my life seeing their smiles. I want the whole world to know how beautiful these guys are, the great hearts they have, that behind their enormous talent. They are 4 wonderful people with so many qualities, and they deserve the whole world.

Maybe you don’t understand what I feel for them, but it is the most beautiful thing I have felt in my life.”

Amy | 15 | UK – “The Tide are very genuine and caring and they look out for their fans. They are also incredibly talented and have great personalities. I love them so such!”

Anonymous | 15 | Germany – “I love them because they write beautiful lyrics and make songs of them – gosh, I can’t even explain how good they are! They make me smile and laugh so hard with their crazyness, they are so nice and caring towards their fans and I love them for many more reasons that couldn’t fit anywhere.”

Lucy | 16 | UK – “I love The Tide for many reasons, one being because of how amazingly talented they are. They all have amazing voices and are incredibly talented using instruments too. It’s nice to find a band which can do both so well as with some modern music that isn’t the case. Another reason I love this band is because thanks to them I met 5 of my favourite people who I really don’t know what I would do without. They are always there for me and that is something I am extremally thankful for, and also something that wouldn’t happen without The Tide.

Another reason I love this band is because thanks to them I met 5 of my favourite people who I really don’t know what I would do without. They are always there for me and that is something I am extremally thankful for, and also something that wouldn’t happen without The Tide.

The last reason I’m going to write about as to why I love The Tide is how lovely they are with fans. I’ve met The Tide quite a few times and every time I do they are always super happy and up for hugs and selfies. On their tour, they even went out of their way to meet fans after shows which isn’t something they had to do as they had VIP tickets too. However, they were kind enough to spend some time with fans after the show which was super kind of them.

It’s the little things like that which are why I love The Tide so much.”


Charlie | 15 | Ireland – “It’s so hard to know where to begin with The Tide.. They are so loyal and amazing to their fans and we are treated like equals and family. They make me feel proud and happy and confident about myself… Their music really reflects their cheeky and happy personalities and they always know how to make me laugh. They are crazy talented and they put so much work into everything they do and more. These boys are on the road to worldwide recognition and I couldn’t be prouder of them! I hope they come to Ireland one day and I’ll be able to hug them and thank them for changing my life.”

Mavic | 16 | Phillippines – “The first time I listened to their covers, I was immediately hooked. My admiration for them only grew when I found out they were coming to the Phillippines with The Vamps and Before You Exit, and I was even more happy when I was told that they were holding free signings. Living in the Phillippines means things like this rarely happen. However, due to most fans not following instructions to ensure their safety, organisers were forced to be strict and put up rules like ‘no touching’, ‘no selfies’, ‘no hugging’ or ‘no talking’. I’m aware that in different countries, Tiders are allowed to take photos

I’m aware that in different countries, Tiders are allowed to take pictures with the boys, but we were prohibited too do that, which is why I was beyond happy when the boys took their time to talk to us and even get to know us, ignoring the organisers. I was even told that I couldn’t hug the boys in front of them, but Nate still did.”

Chantelle | 21 | UK – “I got into The Tide as everyone was talking about them so I checked them out. I soon discovered why everyone loved them as much as they did, not only is their music amazing, they’re also amazing people. They interact with their fans which I’m sure is difficult with so many people tweeting you, they also follow their fans and make sure they’re okay. Not a lot of band can or will do that. I’ve seen when people send awful tweets to the band their fans always stand up against them and make sure the person knows how amazing the band are. The Tide make you feel happy, they meet their fans and act like you’re their friend, not a fan. I love them so much, even if I’m having a bad day just seeing them reply to someone makes me smile because even if I’m sad, someone else got a reply which makes them happy.”

Nayla | 14 | Indonesia – “I love The Tide because they’ve got amazing voices, and they are also good at playing instruments. They can make me laugh all the time.

The Tide are my muse, my inspiration and they never fail to make me smile/laugh because of how silly they are. Their music is a simple tune but they make it into a great catchy song.”

Bethany | 19 | UK – “They are genuinely the most down to Earth guys I have ever met! Always going out of their way to meet fans and do things for their fans. We are literally like one big family which I think is so lovely and amazing and I always find you can easily talk to anyone who is Tider and get along with them! Without The Tide I wouldn’t have met 2 of my best friends and I am so grateful for this. The lyrics to their songs have so much meaning and are so relatable in some circumstances! They also put on an amazing show and have so much fun too!”

These are just some of the reasons why fans across the globe love The Tide. Do you love them? If the answer is yes, then be sure to tweet us your reasons @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix