Why we love Cara Delevingne

22 year-old model Cara Delevingne is a face we see everywhere – those eyebrows are unmistakeable. But she’s also funny, quirky, well connected and looks good in just about everything she wears. Here are some of the reasons why we love her and you should too!

  1. She’s a model, even though she’s only 5’8” (according to herself – her agency says 5’9”). Though her best modelling work is arguably not on the runway but in her editorial work (think photo shoots and advertising).
  2. She writes music, plays the drums, and can actually sing! In fact she’s been offered a recording contract by Rudimental if she ever wants to break into the industry. She also once said that she would like to start her own record label.
  3. She has established herself as an actor – She is the lead female role in Paper Towns, a movie that looks incredibly quirky and is set for release in August this year.
  4. She is generally goofy and has her own style which is original, tomboyish, and definitely not what you would expect a model to wear. But she makes it work, and she’s known and loved for it.
  5. Those eyebrows – you can recognise them a mile off.
  6. She’s currently dating the magnificent singer and performer St. Vincent – talk about a power couple, these two are basically invincible.
  7. She has a wicked taste in friends, including (but definitely not limited to) Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss and Rita Ora. Her Instagram page is full of pictures of her living it up with her crew of beautiful celebrities.

These days she’s known more for her endeavours outside of modelling, but she’s a personality worth knowing about and keeping an eye on! Who knows what she’ll be getting up to next!

Written by CelebMix