ben platt album cover
Ben Platt album cover

Why we’re still in love with Ben Platt’s new album

You might know Ben Platt from his role as Benji in Pitch Perfect, or perhaps Evan in the broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen, but have you heard his debut solo album?

Ben Platt’s album ‘Sing To Me Instead’ was released on the 29th March, and it’s fair to say we’ve had it on repeat every day since then. We were first introduced to Ben’s solo music with the songs ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Ease My Mind’ which stole hearts all over the world with their expressions of life, love and loss.

The album beautifully combines Ben’s powerful vocals with melodic pianos and guitars, creating a sense of calm. From the first chord of ‘Bad Habit’ to the finale of ‘Runaway’, Ben Platt takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions.

‘Bad Habit’ opens the album with its playful piano, discussing the overwhelming instincts to return to someone you miss, and is followed by ‘Ease My Mind’ portraying the beauty that someone can settle your anxiety and help to quieten your inner voice.

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‘Temporary Love’ is next, showcasing the everlasting nature of true love. The video for this hit has been praised by fans for its embracing narrative showing that love does not have one simple definition. The idea of working through individual growth together is featured in the guitar-led ‘Grow As We Go’, and immediately subverted by the jazzy, soulful crescendo of ‘Honest Man’.

A real tear-jerker is ‘Hurt Me Once’, detailing the pain of an impending breakup- try not to cry at this one, we challenge you! Moving from the heart wrenching ‘Hurt Me Once’ to the uplifting ‘New’ is a great choice, with its upbeat vibes and narrative of rediscovering yourself. ‘Share Your Address’ has a similar feel, and is a clear fan favourite.

The album ends with ‘Runaway’ a gorgeous song (the first Ben wrote for the album) about the love story of his parents which he admires, and which we all hope for.

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What’s next for Ben Platt?

  • Ben has just finished a sold-out tour around the US, and is next headed to London on the 15th June.
  • In September, the new Netflix series ‘The Politician’ airs in which Ben plays protagonist Payton Hobart


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