WIINSTON’s ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’: A Genre-Fluid Journey of Maturity and Reflection

Copenhagen-based RnB-pop duo WIINSTON shared a brand new album ‘THE LAST DAYTONA.’ The record is a reflection of their personal and creative journey, resulting in a refined and mature sound. The independent artists have been on a hiatus for four years, and their comeback album is a genre-fluid space with no limitations. The lead single, ‘tick in blue,’ comments on society’s obsession with social media, with a provocative message that challenges the paradigms of our time.

“Smartphones have become an extension of what it means to be human. Somehow, it seems like a generation gap is missing, where we’re trying to adapt to the wrong paradigms. Even adults are waiting for their 10 sec videos to go viral while the Arctic is melting faster than the ice cubes in their freshly mixed gin & tonic. Provocative? Sure! But we’re also well aware, that when you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you,” WIINSTON says when speaking of the topic on the vibey new single.

Daniel Richards and Alfred Thomas, aka WIINSTON, are known for their ambitious, alluring, and colorful songs and albums. ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’ is their third album, following ‘JELLYFISH’ and ‘MIDNIGHT ROCKET.’ The former is acoustically dreamy, while the latter is darker and urban-infused, including their breakthrough single ‘Angelina.’

WIINSTON’s music is met with praise from international culture sites like Kaltblut Magazine, ENFNTS Terribles, and Variance Magazine. The album is a personal and creative journey that shows the duo’s growth and maturity. With their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics, WIINSTON’s ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’ is a must-listen for RnB-pop fans who appreciate genre-fluid music that challenges paradigms.

Make sure to check out music video for ‘tick in blue’ from ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’  by WIINSTON below:


Written by Magdalena

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