Window To The Abbey Release New Single “Breathe”

During these uncertain times, there is a lot of anxiety and mixed up thoughts floating around, with people worried about their job, family, home, and health. It is all coming so fast and all at once. Right now we could all do with a moment to find our calm and luckily last night, actor and musician Troy Baker and Window To The Abbey have delivered this, by releasing the powerful and beautiful song, “Breathe”.

Photo Credit: Kellieh Borgstrom/@kelliehwildcat

Troy released the song to all streaming platforms on the 6th of May; with the artist showing off his outstanding vocals on this track. Starting off slow, the song has a simple piano playing as Baker does what he does best by telling a story. The vulnerability in his voice is strongly shown but as the drums, bass and violins begin; his voice becomes more and more impassioned and powerful as he belts out this highly emotional song. Anyone who has suffered from mental health issues or even just some rough times can really take this song and run with it.

This already beautiful song becomes more special, just when the listener thinks it’s all over. An outstanding choir with nearly 100 of Troy Baker’s fans join him in singing a memorable and breathtaking verse consisting of four simple lines:

“I hear you,

I’m with you

You’re not alone

I’ll help you breathe”

These words being repeated along with Troy singing “help me breathe” is just so emotional. Hearing so many different and beautiful voices already made the song outstanding, but to know that it was all fans of Troy, whom have probably been touched in different ways by his music; is just super special. Troy’s love for his fans is just so unique and something for this generation and beyond to look up to.

Troy Baker has released the song to all streaming platforms along with a lyric video on YouTube, where he credits every musician and artist, along with every single singer from the chorus.

We look forward to seeing more from Troy as a musician and hope he continues to spread light and joy to so many people like he did with this song.

Listen to “Breathe” below:


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Written by Kay Simpson

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