Woman Divorces Husband After Meet & Greet

Jenna, a married woman with two children, decided to divorce her husband after attending a meet and greet for country artist, Kip Moore.

Kip Moore is a 35 year old country singer. His single “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” was number 1 on the US Country charts and certified DOUBLE platinum.

Jenna states it was love at first sight as Moore’s jaw dropped when he saw her in a red dress (Jenna explained that Moore often sang about woman in red dresses). Kip Moore autographed Jenna’s back to which Jenna later got tattooed. She decorated her car post show to say “Mrs. Moore” and “Marry Me Kip Moore”. After the concert Jenna tried to get in contact with Moore’s management to no answer. She hand wrote a 12 page, back to back letter to him, tried calling his management, and tags Kip on all her social media. Kip Moore and his entire team have yet to comment. Jenna though, claims that her marriage to husband Travis was already rocking, citing “emotional abuse”.

Jenna, her husband Travis, and the now iconic Kip Moore will be on Dr. Phil this Thursday to discuss.

I myself have attended an ungodly amount of meet and greets. Why? Because of that exact feeling Jenna is feeling…..just not so extreme. Simply put, it is joy, it is bliss, it is raw happiness. I have had a random civilian approach me and say “I heard you and (insert name here) talking and I think he really likes you.” (To whomever that was, thank you…I think.) I was once told “I’ve never heard of a better meet and greet”. Each two different boys, in two different bands that sell out arenas world wide and make international headlines. I love them. But not in that romanticized way. Fan and artist relationships are not as uncommon as one would think. It happens. Do I truly think deep down, me and this boy are meant to be? No, absolutely not. Just because he is pretty face and was nice to me for two minutes does not make him boyfriend material. It is a silly crush and fantasy. I know all about fantasy, I am a writer.

You can never blame someone for their feelings. I do not blame Jenna. I hope Jenna finds every happiness, if it is with Kip Moore or not.

From a different point of view now, this is extremely great for Kip Moore’s public relations. I had no idea he even existed until hours ago. The saying goes “any publicity, is good publicity” will clearly apply here. Since this story has many levels, it will not go away any time soon. We’ll be tuning in to see just what comes of this Dr. Phil interview and twisted love triangle.

Written by CelebMix