What is World AIDS Day and why is it important?

World AIDS day is a day which occurs each year and is an opportunity for people across the world to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The day also allows people to show their support for those living with HIV and to have time to remember those who have died from it. The day is held on the first of December every year and has so since 1988.

At this moment, there are an estimated 34 million people in the world living with the virus. Out of that 34 million, over 100,000 live in the UK.

The virus which is HIV/AIDS was only identified 32 years ago back in 1984. In those 32 year, more than 35 millions people have died from the virus – this makes HIV/AIDS one of the most destructive pandemics in history.

Fortuently, scientists and doctors have discovered some treatments to help with HIV and new laws have been brought in to protect the many people living with the virus. Also, in recent years, scientists have explored HIV more and have started to understand a lot more about the condition.

Many people, around the world, do not know or to protect others and themselves from the virus, do not know the facts about it and the reality of what it is like living with the condition. Sadly, although the stigma has died down in some parts of the world, many people still face discrimination and abuse due to being HIV positive.

World AIDS Day is very important as it reminds people and governments across the globe that HIV has not magically gone away. Overall, there is still a huge need to increase awareness, raise money to aid research and treatment, fight stigmas and improve education around the subject of HIV/AIDS.

Written by CelebMix