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Yorina Releases Dazzling ‘Bliss & Grief’

Paris-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Yorina releases her brand-new EP, Bliss & Grief, via Wagram Music.

In her revealing interview with C-Heads Magazine, Yorina spoke about Bliss & Grief: “Writing songs is a relief to me. It helps me to feel free every second of my life. It’s something very special which leads me to discover the depth of my soul in a magical and beautiful way. Sometimes it’s hard, cause through the music I can see things I might wanna hide to myself and to others. It can be a very powerful internal battle but at the end, only lightness survives!”

Yorina, a trained seamstress, became a singer-songwriter by chance. She attended a party held by Dan Levy, who is the driving force behind The Do. A Beatles song was being played on the piano and Yorina unconsciously began to sing. Everyone at the party stopped to listen. It was that good. Floored, Levy told her to start writing songs, which soon led to recording.

In 2018, Yorina released Dry Your Tears, followed by a series of singles.

Comprising six tracks, Bliss & Grief begins with “Will I Ever,” which is probably the highlight of the EP, along with “Fake Sweet Old Days.”

Suffused by washes of soft, glowing colors, “Will I Ever” parades Yorina’s crème de la crème voice, velvety and diaphanous, full of exquisite nuances under perfect lilting control. The acoustic version of the song closes the EP. Slower and stripped down, it is just as alluring as the primary version.

“Not Perfect,” opens on low-slung flickering tones topped by Yorina’s dazzling voice, creamy and alluring. As the harmonics expand and take on layers of oozing colors, the song reveals the delicate melodicism of Yorina’s spellbinding timbres.

“Fake Sweet Old Days” travels on a folk-flavored guitar and then opens up, adding a thumping kick-drum and a fat, pulsing bassline. Soft and gliding, the melody provides the matrix for Yorina’s tender, luscious vocals, at once cashmere and lustrous.

Yorina has it going on! This is surely one of the best EPs of the year, rife with the sonic savors of both bliss and grief.

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Written by Randy

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