YouTuber of the Week: Imogen Hudson (Imogenation)

Welcome back to our YouTuber of the Week feature, where we aim to share with you some of the best YouTubers who are rocking our world. Last time, loveable fashionista Zoe London was awarded the title. This week, we’re passing it on to another fashion queen and all-round babe, the wonderful Imogenation!

Who is Imogenation?

Imogen Hudson, also known as Imogenation, is a British fashion and beauty blogger who made the transition to YouTube at the beginning of this year. She posted her first video, CGRWM Natural Dewy Glow, on January 31 and hasn’t looked back since! Imogen has already garnered over 65,000 subscribers, or huns as she calls them, with her videos totalling over 1.7 million views.

Why should you watch Imogenation’s videos?

Imogen is a relatable, hilarious, down to earth girl and all of these qualities truly shine throughout all of her videos. She’s not afraid to embrace her weirdness or discuss really personal matters and as viewers, we think that’s really important. With Imogen, what you see is what you get. She’ll be the first to say that she’s not perfect, and that really doesn’t matter. From her off-the-cuff tutorials to her chatty storytime vlogs, we love her positive energy and attitude. Imogenation is a must-subscribe channel for anyone who loves fashion, beauty, and personal stories, which are all sprinkled with fun vibes and Imogen’s infectious charm.

Five must watch Imogenation videos

1. It’s Okay To Be Alone

During this vlog, Imogen goes to see the ballet with her gran, unboxes some amazing goodies and goes to the cinema on her own. That’s right, on her own. Activities like going to the cinema alone is enough to terrify a lot of us, but Imogen talks about how how it’s okay to do things alone and explains her journey from being dependent on others to being able to enjoy her own company.

2. Easy Unicorn Festival Make Up

Festival season is upon us and there’s no better time to experiment with some colourful make up. In this video, Imogen channels her inner unicorn to produce a vibrant look.

3. Huge Primark Haul Spring April 2017

We love a good haul and in this video, Imogen shows us what happened when she went wild in the aisles at Primark. From cute jeans, to a summer bikini and must-have homeware, we’re loving Imogen’s picks!

4. What’s In My Bag? 2017

Ever wondered what Imogen keeps in her bag? Wonder no more! In this video, we discover that her bag is in fact a Tardis as it fits SO. MUCH. STUFF. She also shares a few stories which make her super relatable to any female.

5. How I Gained Confidence | Storytime

Our final pick of must-watch Imogenation vidoes is ‘How I Gained Confidence’ which is an inspiring storytime video. Anyone who’s ever struggled with confidence issues will find something to relate to within the 31 minute vlog. We love that Imogen is finally content with who she is as a person and we hope that we can have just a quarter of her strength and confidence.

Congratulations to Imogenation, you are well and truly deserving of being CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week. She is a ray of sunshine which is much needed in today’s world. This promising YouTuber is only going to continue to go from strength to strength.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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