Promotional photo for "Face The Music" which sees Young-Borra posing against a dark backdrop. He has his brown hair styled as a mullet with a quiff fringe. He's wearing a dark green t-shirt under a black leather jacket.

Young-Borra drops a rock ‘n’ roll and indie-infused anthem titled “Face The Music”

Mixing current indie with rock ‘n’ roll is this rising New York City nightlife DJ, Young-Borra, with the defining track “Face The Music”. The track has a high-octane atmospheric rhythm that is bound to make an impact on every listener. This follows up his previous single “Looking For Love”.

Young-Borra, real name Jonas Young-Borra, was born in the Bronx and raised in New York City. He is a multi-talented artist who writes, sings, programs, and plays his own original material. Influenced by the bands he discovered in his youth and possessing a lifelong musical background (his father being a jazz musician and his mother being a Broadway actress/singer), he draws from the songwriting of the past while incorporating modern production. As a seasoned event curator, DJ, doorman, and promoter in NYC’s top clubs, Young-Borra writes about his experiences in nightlife, heartbreak, striving for love and success, relationships, sex, parties, breakups, makeups and living under the bright lights of the big city. With his unique perspective and dedication to quality over quantity, Young-Borra is poised to bring a fresh wave of music to the new decade.

Written by Andy Diaz, Hassan Maya, and Jonas Young-Borra, with a guitar solo from Paul Pesco, while it was mixed by Serge Tsai, and mastered by Brian Jackson, “Face The Music” is a high-tempo, electronic indie-rock track that clearly has rock ‘n’ roll-inspired elements running throughout. Plenty of guitar chords, drum beats, and synths transcend together in this awesome addictive beat that is heightened by the passionate vocals with upbeat lyrics set to keep pace with the track. All before a surprise turn about two-thirds into the track, when the tempo reduces dramatically for a breakdown that precedes an awesome guitar solo by Paul Pesco. The entire track is an unforgettable electronic-indie-rock anthem that is bound to gain traction on a variety of playlists and is determined to stay in one’s head for the rest of the day. We expect this to become Young-Borra’s most-streamed track in the coming month or two.

Stream “Face The Music” by Young-Borra on Spotify here:

“Face The Music” by Young-Borra is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. An official music video, directed by Kyle Travis Sharp, is set to be released in the near future.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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