Young Mommy Shares Exciting New Video “Swanky Ma”

Sacramento based rapper Young Mommy just released her new single and video “Swanky Ma” in celebration of the recent Mother’s Day holiday. As both a tribute to hard working mothers while showcasing the launch of her clean rap music movement, the rising artist pulls out all the boss vibes in her new catchy anthem.

“Swanky Ma” honors, empowers, and puts a fresh new spin on what motherhood is all about. The infectious rap song oozes with personality and flair, and the listener is reminded that moms need to be reminded of the important role they play and how they help shape our society.

Young Mommy adds, “I want to send a strong message to everyone listening that moms are beautiful and powerful, we just don’t always believe it. We need to be elevated in society for all that we do for our families and that’s what I want people to take away. My vision was to create a song dedicated to moms but that anyone could dance to and enjoy. With ‘Swanky Ma’ I wanted to put moms back on the map in an over-the-top way. To stand out and achieve our goals we have to be bold and walk with swag in our step. I feel so proud to be a mother and deserve the best that life has to offer to run my house, raise loving babies and rock my career. There is so little, if anything, in commercial rap music specifically for us. We still want to be seen as attractive and valuable after becoming mothers. ‘Swanky Ma’ is a reminder that moms can still be hot and confident and feel and look young while raising kids.”

The video highlights Young Mommy living the dream, and features her real life family in all the shots.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast