YouTuber Books We’re Looking Forward To

Numerous YouTubers plan on releasing books in 2016. Here’s five YouTuber books that we are most looking forward to reading!

“Bloom” by Estee Lalonde

Set to be released in September 1st, 2016, “Bloom” is a mixture between an autobiography and a beauty and fashion advice book. Lalonde describes it as a “scrapbook/diary” due to its somewhat eclectic personal nature.

“The Luxe Life” by Fleur de Force

On July 28, 2016, Fleur de Force will release her second book “The Luxe Life.” It will be a lifestyle book with a special emphasis on parties and other large events. She describes the book as ” [her] lifestyle bible for girls who want to make The Luxe Life a reality, regardless of budget or time constraints.”

“Caspar Lee” by Emily Riordan Lee (and Caspar Lee)

Set to be released May 31, 2016, “Caspar Lee” is a book about Lee’s life written by his mother, Emily Riordan Lee, but finished by Caspar Lee himself. It will feature special notes and highlighting from Caspar Lee, while the actual written parts are by his mom.

“On The Other Side” by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Fletcher’s debut novel, “On The Other Side” is a book about a grandmother, Evie, who passes away, only to find out that to get into heaven, she will have to lighten her soul enough to enter heaven, so Evie has to come to terms with numerous secrets of the past. “On The Other Side” will be released July 14, 2016.

“The Scrapbook of My Life” by Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes’s third book, “The Scrapbook of My Life” is a fun interactive way for the readers to write their own story alongside their favorite YouTuber. With special pages for the readers to fill out with pictures and stories, “The Scrapbook of My Life” will discuss how Deyes became the successful YouTuber he is today. The book will be released March 24, 2016.

Other YouTuber Books Coming Out Soon:

“Tanya Bakes” by Tanya Burr: June 30, 2016

“Generation Next” by Oli White: May 31, 2016

“Follow Me” by Ricky Dillon: June 7, 2016


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Written by CelebMix