YouTuber Dodie Clark is Releasing a Book

Dodie Clark is a musician and vlogger from the UK who is known for her original songs, covers and personal vlogs.

She joined YouTube in 2011 and has two channels; doddleoddle and doddlevloggle.

She has built up a huge fandom since then through her original music and covers with her ukulele, piano, guitar and more.


You can find out more about her here and here!

Today, she finally announced the project she has been working on and it is a book!

The singer made an emotional post via Snapchat, stating that she had something special to share with her fans.

Dodie’s snapchat: doddleoddle

She uploaded a video to her main channel and alongside her announcement was one of her original songs.

Her new book is called Secrets for the Mad and it is the most open that she has ever been with her fans.


Dodie has been very open about her struggle with mental health issues on her channels, often showing her vulnerable side in vlogs.

She says that she has gotten even more intimate about her battle with depersonalisation, depression and anxiety in the book.

It will be out November 2nd for the UK (and also international countries) and November 7th for her U.S. fans.

The cover is yet to be revealed according to the singer so keep an eye out for that on her social media.

We are so happy for Dodie and we can’t wait to read her book.

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Written by Laura

25, Marvel nerd, wine lover