YouTuber of the Week: Travis and Jack

Welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week. Every single week we introduce you to some of our favourite YouTubers. Last week’s YouTuber of the Week was Jacksepticeye, now it’s time for us to introduce Travis and Jack, also known as Track.

Who Is Travis And Jack?

Travis and Jack are online boyfriends, consisting of Travis Bryant and Jack Merridew. They both have their own YouTube channel with a multitude of subscribers; Jack has over 300,000 whilst Travis has over 150,000. They met through Twitter in September 2015; and, along the way, they became online boyfriends. They have amassed over five million views and currently have over 120,000 subscribers. Their first ever video, titled “Welcome To Our Channel” was posted on 12 August 2016 and explains why they came up with this idea.

Why Should You Watch Travis And Jack’s Videos?

If you’ve been looking for something to get your heart racing, then Travis And Jack does just that. They’re comedic throughout their videos and their love for one another as not boyfriends really transcends out to the viewers. They’re the paragon of ‘couple goals’ whilst not being an actual couple.

Their channel specialises in ‘boyfriend’ type videos that see both Travis Bryant and Jack Merridew take on a variety of couple challenges. Don’t forget to cheer on either Travis or Jack in the comments.

Here Are Out Top 5 Must-Watch Travis And Jack Videos:

1. Recreating Cute Couple Poses

There are so many amazing videos to choose from, we had no clue which one to start our top five with, but we’ve chosen this one. Our main reason is because some of the poses are extremely difficult to recreate and it’s great to see that they gave it a great go; even though, at times, their poses aren’t that close to the image. Furthermore, they debate on how to play rock-paper-scissors.

2. Gay Chapstick Challenge

This was Travis and Jack’s first official video, after the introduction to their channel. It is currently their second most-watched video. In the visual, we see them take on the chapstick challenge, where they have to guess what flavour of chapstick is on the other’s lips, all whilst ‘smooching’. This is also where they came up with that killer outro.

3. How To Gay Kiss

This instructional video from Travis and Jack is their most-watched YouTube video on their Channel. The idea behind the video is to teach their subscribers how to kiss, but they easily become distracted throughout the visual as they debate on who is more dominant. They also show you what a bad kiss looks like so that you know what not to do. It’s cute, it’s hot, and it’s hilarious.

4. ‘Boyfriend’ Anniversary Surprise

If there’s one video from their channel that you have to watch, it’s this one. Travis decides to surprise Jack with an ‘unniversary’ celebration. It was in honour of the day they first met on 21 September 2015. It’s completely cute and thoughtful. At the end of the video, we see snapshots of all the videos they have done together; taking us down memory lane as well as them.

5. The Truth About Our Online Relationship

This video had to be included. Throughout all the videos they have posted, there have always been comments that they are, at least, dating; or that they are actually together. Well, this video dispels all the rumours. They make it very clear what they are to one another and promise to update their Track Fam if things change. It’s an honest and open video. It’s real talk.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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