YouTuber of the Week: Jacksepticeye

Welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week. If you’re new to this, it’s where we introduce you to some of our favourite content creators. The crown has been passed on to the ever-so-wonderful Jacksepticeye!

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Who is Jacksepticeye?

Jacksepticeye, aka Jack or his real name Sean McLoughlin, is an Irish gaming YouTuber. He’s well known for his brightly coloured green hair and his energetic, bubbly personality. Sam, the green infected “septic eye” with a tail, is the icon that represents his channel and most of his social media platforms. As well as gaming videos, he also uploads vlogs and other non-gaming series, such as Reading Your Comments and Drawing Your Tweets.

Why Should You Watch Jacksepticeye?

There are so many different reasons why you should watch Jacksepticeye; whether it be that you love his optimistic personality, his kind and caring nature, or you just want to go on a journey with someone via a video game. There’s something for everyone!

Jack’s energy is one of the things we love most about him. Loud personalities can often be associated with obnoxiousness, but that’s not the case here. His high-spirits is what drew us to him in the first place. He’s able to express the creativity he has though his lively commentary. For example, in role-playing games, specifically, he’ll put on voices for different characters. This is evident in his Undertale series!

Another part of his personality that we admire is his positive work ethic. Jack uploads two videos per day and has been doing so for a long time now. That’s 14 videos per week! That doesn’t take into account the amount of planning, editing and all the other technical aspects that make the videos what they are. But it’s not just his regularity of uploading that we applaud, it’s also his continuing verbal support of positivity in general. In vlogs, (and on other social media platforms) Jack talks about being the best you that you can be, working hard for yourself and learning to become a better person. However, Jack doesn’t ignore that people can feel sad and down sometimes. He acknowledges that feelings and emotions vary and hopes that his videos can be a source of happiness for some. He seems to be all about spreading joy which we think he’s doing just right.

Gif by septicjacks on Tumblr.

Despite the channel reaching 15 million subscribers recently, his attitude hasn’t changed. He’s still the same considerate, caring and genuine individual as he was at 100,000 subscribers. He’s constantly reassuring the community that he’s willing to listen to his audience to make him a better person and make the channel as best as it could be. This is something we admire a lot. Jack’s wonderful personality shows us that there’s still good in the world. It’s easy to tell that he loves what he does and that he’s incredibly humbled by the support he receives. Like we mentioned before, he uploads vlogs and non-gaming series which tend to include talking about or interacting with the community created through the channel. The JSE community is something Jack, and the community themselves, should be proud of. They’re compassionate, loyal and respectful. All things many could only wish for. They’re there for him, and he’s there for them; whenever each of them need it most.

Jack’s channel has a huge amount of variety. There’s nearly always a longer gameplay series available to watch. Sitting down to go on a journey with one of our favourite YouTubers through a game is one of our most favoured pastimes. If you can’t commit to watching the video in full, you can split it up into intervals which are suitable for you or even use the video as background noise. In Jack’s longer gameplay series, it feels like you’re there with him. You’re able to see the choices he makes, the way he actually plays the game and the feelings he demonstrates, without the video having to end so soon. It’s like watching your favourite film; it wouldn’t be the same if it were cut up into 15-minute intervals. But if you do need to split the longer videos up, it’s flexible and up to you; you can choose where to pick it up again from. If longer gameplay videos aren’t for you, Jacksepticeye’s channel offers a series of games but in a shorter lengthed manner. Similar to the longer gameplay videos, the shorter ones also feel like you’re there with him. You can still feel similar emotions and could use these types of videos as a way of escaping from real life for a little bit.

If you need any more convincing to check out Jacksepticeye’s channel, here are some of his must-watch videos.

1. Event[0]

Event[0] is a first-person sci-fi exploration game, set in an alternate timeline, where you’re lost in space with only an AI (artificial intelligence) as your companion. It’s completely captivating while having a constant slightly spooky, lonely feeling to it. This is one of many videos where Jack’s love for space shines through.

2. Bloopers & Outtakes

Jack’s bloopers and outtakes video gives us a small behind the scenes look at what goes into making a YouTube video! From all the mishaps and mistakes to seeing how some of the Antisepticeye footage was put together, it really showcases the amount of effort and fun that can be had in the run up to the final product of a video.

3. The Fear Of Failing, One Year Later

The Fear Of Failing, One Year Later is a follow up to The Fear Of Failing uploaded in 2015. We think it’s quite an important video with a good, positive message to take away from it.

4. Drawing Your Tweets #9

Drawing Your Tweets is a non-gaming series in which Jack takes a selection of tweets and draws what the person has asked. In this episode, Jack uses a virtual reality (VR) headset to draw the tweets. It’s fun, entertaining and makes us want to join in too!

5. The Last Guardian (Part 1)

The Last Guardian is one of Jack’s longer gameplay series, averaging at about an hour long per episode. In the game, you play as a young boy accompanied by Trico, a large feathered creature, where you must care of the creature and solve puzzles along the way. Watching Jack play The Last Guardian is a journey; you feel a part of it with him, amongst all the emotions that arise. It’s a truly beautiful game and there’s no doubt you’ll become attached to the boy and Trico by the end of it.

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Thank you, Jack, for bringing joy and optimism to our lives every single day! Your hard work and determination doesn’t go unappreciated.

Gif by septicjacks on Tumblr.

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