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YouTuber of the Week: Rose and Rosie

It’s time for another YouTuber of the Week! Last week we featured the lovely Desi Perkins. This week we’re featuring the dynamic duo Rose and Rosie!

Rose and Rosie are a married comedy duo who love to post hilarious videos about a variety of subjects from Fifth Harmony’s latest single to reacting to gay character ships. Rose’s channel functions as their main one, featuring primarily comedy. Rosie’s channel focuses on vlogs and extra content about sexuality and other things. They also have a channel, Let’s Play Games, dedicated to their funny failures at trying to play the latest games. Much of their content revolves around the LGBTQ+ community, seeing as Rose is a lesbian and Rosie is bisexual. They recently embarked on a tour around the U.K., which was a huge success.

Why You Should Watch Rose and Rosie

Rose and Rosie are two of the funniest people on the internet. It is impossible to not smile and laugh throughout every one of their videos. They also make you believe in true love seeing their relationship. They are perfect for each other. Their content is extremely relatable, especially if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, their gameplay is every beginner gamer’s attempt to not completely fail.

Five of Rose and Rosie’s Best Videos

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Rose and Rosie delightfully attempt to make the other person laugh by insulting them with playground insults. What ensues gets a bit more real than at least Rose expected.

Never Have I Ever

Rose and Rosie are joined by Hannah Witton in a raucous game of Never Have I Ever. Some rather interesting secrets are spilled.

Tour Life Am I Right

In this fabulous vlog, they document their entire tour from wild start to wild finish.

Why Lesbians Want Her More

In this episode of Rosie’s Bisexy series, they discuss why women always seem to fancy Rose more, but men are more attracted to Rosie.

Resident Evil vs. Trump

If you’re not a huge fan of scary games, this is the play-through for you. It’s funny and exciting without being too terrifying.

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