When YouTubers Don’t Upload

YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most used social networks of our time, with over 300 hours of content uploaded each minute it’s a popular place to be. It has never been easier or harder to start YouTube as a job, more people watching, increasing your chance of getting noticed but more content is meaning it’s harder to find.

Despite this, there are many people who have shone through and do YouTube as their full-time job. Some of the most commonly know are Zoella, PointlessBlog, PewDiePie, Tyler Oakley, the list could go on and on and on. We all love to see them upload, some on a daily basis but what happens when they don’t upload? Many people feel a high disappointment as they are not sticking to their upload routine, others are completely fine with it.

Some channels such as AmazingPhil and DanIsNotOnFire are well known in the YouTube community but do not upload daily or weekly but upload pretty much whenever they like. However, most people do not mind this due to the fact that when they upload it’s always great, quality content.

This isn’t the case for all channels, though. If any big channels miss an upload fans will be trying to figure out why, when what how?

These YouTubers who are idolised and looked up to see simply human. They are like me and you, human. They just happen to have thousands of people watching them on a daily basis.If they miss an upload stop and think before you tweet them why? No doubt, it must be frustrating for them as well as them feeling like they’ve let hundreds down.

Again, they are human. They may seem to have the perfect lives but with the pressure of keeping content interesting and fantastic, they got to focus on themselves as well. If one day they say that they can’t upload because they are ill or something important has come up, trust them with that. By waiting another week, content will be better and more enjoyable for you and them.

So, next time any YouTubers you watch doesn’t upload to plan, let it be. Ask them if they’re alright but don’t start bugging them saying that you’re disappointed.

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Written by CelebMix