YouTubers make waking up a little easier with Cereal Time

Getting up early for school/work can be difficult, but YouTubers Charlie (charlieissocoollike) and Jimmy (jimmy0010) have done something to change that. Every weekday at 7am UK time they upload a new video to their channel ‘Cereal Time’.

The videos center around the two talking to the camera about all kinds of things. Different weekdays involve different features like Answerphone Mondays, which is when they listen to messages viewers have sent in, or Feature Tombola, which is when they put lots of possible features in a tombola and pick one out, and every video ends in a twitter thought of the day which they take from viewers who have tweeted them in. They also occasionally have guests that have already varied from Sprinkleofglitter to Jack Howard, so you may also see some other YouTuber familiar faces while you’re watching.

Just something extra to help you get out of bed in the morning.

Written by CelebMix