YouTubers who have the voices of angels

YouTube is one of the most used platforms out there today with thousands of videos being uploaded every minute. This makes being noticed on YouTube easier, as there are more people, or harder, so many videos, to get noticed. Many people like to upload videos of them singing whether it be originals or covers. Here are some YouTubers who have amazing angelic voices!

Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery has been making YouTube videos since the dawn of time and she has an amazing talent in the music department. Name an instrument and this girl has it covered! From creative covers to outstanding originals, Emma has racked up millions of views over the years. It was recently announced that Emma is going on Busted’s 2016 tour around the UK and we couldn’t be prouder of her! We are excited to see her growing as she tours with Busted and continues to upload fantastic videos featuring her angelic voice.

Sarah Close

Sarah Close is a British YouTuber born on the Isle Of Wight and has an incredible voice. Though we are yet to hear her originals, she’s working very hard on them, her covers always fill our ears with a lot of joy! Ranging from Justin Beiber to Years and Years, Ariana Grande to Justin Timberlake, this girl has is all covered. Since April 2014, Sarah has been doing  series called Singing Your Questions. In this, she takes questions which people have asked her and writes them into a song! These are fun, inventive and really catchy, if you want to watch them here’s her playlist of them all so far:

You can check out Sarah’s channel here.

Tom Fletcher

McFly member, amazing husband and Dad of two Tom Fletcher is a musical genius. Whether Tom’s writing songs for his latest book or for his newborn child, his voice is relaxing and very powerful. Tom started his channel back in 2009 and since then has uploaded a wide variety of videos but his singing one’s have to be our favourite. One of Tom’s most viewed videos is his wedding speech, no wonder why! The video shows Tom singing his wedding speech to old McFly tunes changing the lyrics to fit things to do with the wedding.

If you want to watch his wedding speech, you can here!

Andie Isalie

Andie Isalie is a great singer-songwriter from sunny Austrailia. Back in 2010, she made her YouTube channel and since then have entertained us all with her fab covers and original songs. Whenever Andie covers songs you can guarantee a fantastic and unexpected twist to the song, one which you didn’t know you needed until you heard it. As well as these amazing covers, she also posts originals. Ranging from sad to happy songs, there is one for every mood you are feeling.


So there you have it, some YouTubers who have the most beautiful voices! The list could honestly go on forever but here are some of our favourites. Do you watch any of these? What other YouTubers have beautiful singing voices? Tweet us @CelebMix on Twitter!

Written by CelebMix