Zac Efron’s jock strap is up for auction.

Zac Efron’s jock strap is up for auction. Yes you did read that right, you can own a hornet jock strap which was worn by Zac when he was filming the comedy “Dirty Grandpa.”

The jock strap is just 1 of a 100 props and costumes that have gone up for auction over on prop store. The items went up yesterday and the auction is due to end on Friday 10 June.

The listing for the jock strap states that it “shows assorted stains from use during production but remains in good condition.”

Zac Efron's jock strap is up for auction. 1

Other items listed include full outfits worn by cast members including  Robert De Niro as well as various accessories such as watches, wallets and sunglasses all worn the cast while filming the movie/

To see all the available Dirty Grandpa props and costumes, browse through the auction at Prop Store.

Do you fancy wearing something Zac Efron has worn or are you going to  bid on any of the items? Let us know in the comments below or over on @CelebMix !


Written by Kelly McFarland

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