Zach Callison Drops New Single “She Don’t Know” From Upcoming EP “A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak”

We have a new single from Zach Callison and it has been released weeks before his highly anticipated debut EP, titled “A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak”. This new song is titled “She Don’t Know” and follows up his previous single “Curtain Call” and debut track “War!” all of which will appear on the EP.

Zach Callison is best known for playing Steven Universe in the children’s TV series of the same name. He’s done a lot in his acting career from Sofia The First to Just Add Magic to The Goldbergs. Now, he has set his sights on a music career alongside his acting career, having dropped three singles to date, with his nine-track EP expected to be released in the coming weeks. “A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak” will contain five tracks, three of which are singles that were previously released, and four interludes – Zach Callison sure knows how to treat us.

This new song, “She Don’t Know”, feels like the meeting of “War!” and “Curtain Call“. Elements of both tracks can be heard in this one track alone, and it has definitely piqued our interest. We’ve already played it plenty of times – we really can’t get enough of it.

Listen To Zach Callison’s New Single “She Don’t Know” Here:

Coming in with rock as his sensual vocals are on point, Zach Callison impresses with his third single. The backing track does a brilliant job of keeping it varied whilst letting his vocals dominate. Grit and strength can be heard from Zach Callison’s voice as he proves how much this song means to him. His falsetto is just, wow, and the story of the song hits us hard, as we listen to the words.

Yet, what impresses us the most is the instrumental part, it’s like they’ve taken it from a whole new song and just planted it in this track, but gosh does it work, it’s even more powerful than the song itself; it holds the same passion and flair that Zach Callison delivers during the vocal parts – it just goes to show that this young singer-songwriter has a brilliant music career ahead of him.

“She Don’t Know” is available to download and stream right now. His EP, “A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak” will be available to download and stream on August 3. Look out for our EP review upon its release. To find out more about his EP, check out our exclusive interview with Zach Callison.

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