Zach Seabaugh: Our exclusive chat

Zach Seabaugh stole our hearts on The Voice. Now he’s 18 and has an EP out, so we just had to catch up with him.

Ok, you just turned 18 which is so crazy to us because your voice and talent is so beyond your years. First off, happy belated birthday and secondly, have you done anything fun now that you’re a legal adult in the states?
“Thank you! I have had a few buddies turn 18 as well, but no fun legal adult stuff yet.”

Your self titled EP came out in June. Any chance on a full length LP coming our way soon?
“I do plan on having a full record out soon. I want to take my time on it though. I’m still searching for my sound. Working with different producers, writing with different writers in Nashville is where I’m at right now with that. It’s like a kid in a candy shop. Searching for your favorite candy can sometimes be tricky!”

Who would be your dream artist to duet with?
“I would love to duet with Zac Brown. His musicianship is insane and he is just a talented act. Would love to learn from him because he has such a unique voice and style.”

What is it about country music that just makes you gravitate towards it?
“I love to tell stories. Every country music song you listen to tells a story. I started my music career in theatre, telling stories through musicals. It was an easy transition for me because country music shows my style of keeping it country while also telling fun stories that hopefully the listeners will enjoy.”

What was it like for you hearing about fellow The Voice alumni Christina Grimmie and Alejandro Fuentes-Rosas tragic passings?

“Heartbreaking news. Both incredible artists and loved their music.”

Previously, you were a big sports guy, if the timing was right, would you consider going back to it?
“I miss the football field every day. I still cheer on my high school team and also my Georgia Bulldogs! Wouldn’t change my decision for music. Music was always something I put before anything else whether it be football or track.”

Celebrity model for Wilhelmina Modeling is a pretty awesome gig. Shall we expect your face to be gracing ads or will you be walking down a runway in the near future?
“I’ve been so focused on shows and writing but hope to pop up in a magazine some time soon.”

Tell us why the Davis Direction Foundation and Curing Kids Cancer are so important to you.
“Davis Owen was a family friend of mine. He passed away from a heroine overdose and his mom created the Davis Direction Foundation to spread awareness for the dangers of heroine. Curing Kids Cancer is an organization based out of Georgia and has grown quickly all over the US. With the platform that I have been given, I want to impact as many people as possible, and being there for the kids and helping out in anyway that I can is something I like to do.”

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Written by CelebMix