Zayn Malik gets three new tattoos

After going buzz cut for what might seem as millionth time, Zayn Malik got three more tattoos this week! One on each side of his neck and one on the side of his sphenoid bone.

The biggest of the three happens to be a phoenix along with the letters M.O.M., which, as lots of people thought doesn’t mean “mom”, but the initials of Zayn’s upcoming debut album Mind Of Mine. (Note that in British English, the byway for mother is spelled “mum” and we think that the gripe about it is really uncalled for.)

There’s another of the three new tattoos in the picture Zayn posted on Instagram, a swallow. Although there is one more think that’s necessary to mention and it’s the fact that we can see the One Direction surfboard in the background. Yes, we are emotional, too.

Nabil Elderkin, a music video producer, posted a picture with Zayn on his Instagram account and we can see a part of the second of Zayn’s neck tattoos, however, we’re not sure what it is but we’re hoping to find out soon!

The reactions on Zayn’s new tattoos, especially the biggest one, has been quite contradictory so far. Nevertheless, here are some of them.

What are you thoughts on Zayn’s new tattoos? And what is your favourite of all of his tattoos? Let us know in comments or on Twitter @CelebMix & @CelebMixZayn!

Written by CelebMix